Friday, September 25, 2009

I killed this day! (And it didn't kill me)

Today was just smoooooth...

My biggest accomplishment today? Included the fact that I walked into Cherry On Top and left without getting anything. What? That NEVER happens! Who goes into a yogurt shop and leaves without getting anything? Me. :) That's what happened; I know it's crazy, but believe it. I was there, sampling new flavors, and I suddenly I thought to myself..."you know Diz, you don't really want this". So I left. Simple as that, and yet for me, it was amazing. A first step, if you will. I have NEVER done anything like that before (and the little sample of watermelon was delicious, btw). It wasn't even hard. I feel like it was an accomplishment for me because I listened to my body, and it didn't really want it. I've been trying really hard to learn to listen to my body more...if I want something or I'm hungry, I try to analyze the situation and say, why do you want that? Is it emotional? Or..are you really hungry? Or maybe just thirsty..when was the last time you had any water? It's been an ongoing learning process for months but today I think I was able to was an emotional thing (boredom and happiness to be leaving work), and really my body wasn't asking for it. So I left. Then I was on such a kick that at 8:30 on a Friday night I went to the gym. It was glorious. The place was dead (in CA that is RARE) and I did a nice, intense stairmaster session for an hour and then I went home. Normally I'd talk myself out of a gym session on Friday night, but not tonight.

I love myself today. :) I did SO good and I'm so pleased about it. No soda, no cheats, no temptations...just a great day. I feel like all day I was listening to my body. My body wanted a salad for lunch, so we got a salad. My body wanted water to drink, so we got water to drink. I got my workout in, I feel amazing, and I'm hoping to see a drop in the morning. I planned a super workout schedule for tomorrow too and I'm so excited! If this weekend goes as I'm planning, then I will reach my goal by end of month! The original goal was 148 by end of Sept, but I'm hoping more for a 149 at this point. So yeah, not exactly on target, but 1 pound is freaking close enough; I'll take it. I have til Wed. It's going to be tough, but if I can just make it through the weekend I think I can do it. I'm going to do a nice run in the morning and then follow it up with this awesome yoga class right after to finish out the week and give my legs a rest. Yaaaay! I seriously cannot wait for tomorrow.

There is one more tiny thing I wanted to address today while I'm in a good mood (it's been on my mind lately) and that is the dreaded plateau. I thought I'd address it now since they're inevitable and on my mind anyway. As a good dieter, I'm trying to strategize how I'm going to handle the next one 'cause I know one is due soon. And I know myself; I know I go crazy and tend to give up way too early and way too easily when I get stressed if I don't see drops. And after seeing someone else recently have one, I decided I need to make a plan now and start preparing myself so I'm not blindsided and pissed when it happens...

So here is my new plan for the next plateau (I don't know if it will work, but I'm hoping it does.): to switch things up I think what I'm going to do is go back to weights. The thing is, I have a past with weights. We've already broken up a few times but I do have a tendancy to forgive and try again. I know all relationships are a work in progress, and I remember the good times, like anyone does. I'd love to go into the last few break ups and the reason I'm so back and forth with weights, but not tonight. It's a long drawn out story and I'm not in the mood for it right now. Anyway I just wanted to put it out there so you know and I know...and in case I forget, you can remind me. It's weights Diz...weights.

I hope you're weekend is great! Stay strong-

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