Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uphill Battle today- as is everyday when you're dieing...errrr....I mean dieting.

I'm in a rotten mood.

I've been trying to write this all out so that it makes sense and is coherent- apparently I suck at writing while I'm crabby. Let me try again...

Things that have pissed me off today:

1) Waiting too long to have lunch and then gorging on too much pizza cause I was starving.
-----Went running to counteract the issue- try running with too much pizza in your stomach in 90 degree weather. Brutal. Almost got violently ill, but somehow made it 6 miles (which was good).

2) One of my mother's good friends is in town and wanted me to meet up with her and her daughter at Disneyland for dinner. I'm sick of eating out. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat out, but not when I'm trying to be serious about my diet. Let's be honest...even the "healthy" options are usually too many calories. Plus they don't taste as good, and somehow I always manage to overeat regardless. Someone will order an appetizer or something and I'm done for. Yes, I'm the girl at the table licking my finger and swiping the bowl. It's embarrassing. Glad everyone else can manage eating out, but I can't. Plus you've seen some of my previous posts, I've been eating out a ton lately and I just wanted to have a night at home with a light meal.
-----Luckily I was able to dissuade her to do dinner tonight- but got stuck agreeing to brunch on Sunday. Ugh.

3) Waited too long to eat dinner after the run; Ran around 4:30, stopped by the office before heading to Ladera Ranch to see a friend, and didn't leave the friend's til 9:45. (Ladera Ranch is 45 minutes south of HB). Knew on the drive home it would be impossible to go to bed when my stomach is eating itself- plus I know it's not healthy to skip food after a hard workout. It causes your body to dip into that starvation mode that keeps you from losing. And the last thing I need right now is a non-loss or a gain. So I used this thought as my justification to get something light for dinner on the drive home (only things open after 10 are fast food joints...GREAT).
-----Figured a soft chicken taco from El Pollo Loco would be the healthiest option.

4) Since when is anything fast food 'light' or 'healthy'? Stopped at El Pollo Loco only to get stuck behind a car full of high school girls that were flirting their slutty butts off with the guy working the window...which equals Diz sitting there for 15 minutes. You don't want a ravenous Diz behind you. Contemplated just laying on my horn until they moved their slut asses until I realized that the guy would be making my food and I didn't want his snot or spit in my chicken taco. When I finally got the taco, it was smothered in some kind of sauce, and was quite bigger than I'd anticipated, but of course I wolfed it down (the whole thing) cause I was starving to death. Now I'm sitting here with shooting pains in my stomach at almost 11 at night. Fabulous.
-----Nothing but guilt here.

5) Went to see my friend in Ladera Ranch tonight only to go to this class with her, and the guy that was teaching the class was trying to set us up with these guys in the class. I'm sorry, just because it's a bunch of singles in the room does not mean I need or want you to try to set me up. I'm fine the way I am, I can handle meeting guys just fine, and I feel like I'm 14 when I get treated this way. Made for an interesting evening that will probably be funny another time, but caused me to start seething in the moment.
-----Maybe I should seek counseling for my anger issues.

6) I still have work to do. I have a huge day tomorrow that will probably exceed 8 hours and while I keep reminding myself that in a week I will no longer be working for this company. -----Found a new job making a shiz load more money. And a more flexible schedule that will allow me to work out more.

So that was my day in a nutshell. I weighed in at 152 today. I am nervous about tomorrow's weigh in ...that taco was way too big and too greasy to be doing me any good. I feel bloated and if I see the scale go up...I might go down. Someone be prepared to talk me off the ledge.



  1. Eating out is impossible. Sometimes the best thing I find is to eat before you leave, show up late ( call and tell everybody to order without you) then order an ice tea or water when you get there. I know it is a bit inconsiderate, but at least you are showing up for the convo. and that's what's important right?

    But you ran 6 miles, that is amazing! How do you do it?!

  2. Girl it's taken me months of adding a little here and a little there to get to 6 miles. Once you get over 5, adding a half mile to a mile becomes a LOT easier. But yeah..I still can't run it everyday...I have to take days off and days were the run isn't so far cause it's still brutal on my legs..starting Yoga soon though so that will help a ton! I know you run too, doesn't it feel good?