Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

WELL...I was going to go into why last night's dinner with Marty was a big fat FAIL- but after reading Kenz's comments on my last post- I shall refrain. I will still have to be extra good today because last night's dinner was a FIASCO- but I think I can still salvage the weigh in if I watch what I eat today and try to keep it light. I feel like I'm getting weight loss down to a science.

I purposely picked Monday mornings to have my weigh ins because the weekends have always been a huge stumbling block for me when I'm in weight loss mode. I feel like if I know Monday morning is coming, I can't really go ballistic the last few days of the week, which is true. I also forgot to factor in Marty because when I started going to WW again, he was out of town. Since yesterday when Marty and I were on the phone "debating" where we were going to go for dinner last night, I knew I would have to start re-thinking my weight loss strategy. Last weeks strategy was kind of 'maintain and be a little lazy cause it's week 2'; it was also week 3 of my new job and in my mind I was busy working and made a lot of excuses about working out. It forced me by Thursday night to realize I had to bust it really hard Fri, Sat and Sun before weigh in. But one phone call from Marty and I realized- this won't work again next week. It's ok that it happened this week- I think it forced me to take accountability and start thinking more pro-actively about how I'm going to face each week. Instead of making last minute plans to bust it hard- if I approach the beginning of the week with the "bust it" mentality- I should be able to coast through the weekend and be ok (in worst case scenario's). If I don't end up having dinner plans with Marty then I will end up having a great weekend to top off a super hard week. If I have another dinner extravaganza with him (which is far more realistic)...then maybe the damage won't be as critical because I already had a good week. Does this make sense? Am I crazetta?

Now if I can just make it through today...(which is tougher than you think- trust me- Sundays are the WORST for me!)

Wish me luck!



  1. Hmmm. I'd move my weigh in to Saturday morning, then have a reasonable weekend which I could work off beg of week--and lose the rest of week. That which is eaten just before weighin should be chosen carefuly since wrong choice can result in extra water. Temporary, but there for weighin.

    Of course, I just gained 5 pounds in 5 hours while ON program--so what do I know?!

    Do what feels right for you, little girl blue. you'll know what is best. I trust you. :D


  2. Aw thanks for taking what I say to heart. I love that you do it, and I definitely do it where you're concerned too.

    As you might recall, my weigh-ins are on Thursday because well, that's the meeting I went to But it works well since I tend to have more sodium on the weekend and different foods.

    Anyway, good luck tomorrow. And if you're not happy with the results then we'll look at a new game plan like you said. :)

    Toodles friend!