Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 21...already? REALLY?

It's dumping buckets here in So Cal, but I'm sure you guys have all seen it on the news. I've been wearing my galoshes and running around like crazy in the rain and it's kinda fun, but it is seriously starting to flood like crazy around here.

I've also started tracking my points again. Why? I don't know; one of my WW leaders asked a few weeks ago who was tracking and there were only like 2 hands that went up in the whole room, so I've been thinking about tracking a lot since then. PLUS, another blogger that I heart started tracking after the holidays and she lost 5.6 pounds in one week. She attributed it to tracking. Now, I'm not trying to lose 5 pounds in one week (I mean, it WOULD be kind of awesome, but I'm not expecting it), but I am trying to take more responsibility. What can it hurt?

I have been working out hard too. :) I just want you to know. An hour of cardio last night on the stairmaster and weights and cardio again this morning. I would love to go to a yoga class tonight, in fact I'd planned on it, but my landlord just stopped by to check a leak in my living room and told me that she just got a call from a county someone or other, and they told her it would not be a good idea for anyone to leave their houses right now because at 6 pm tonight it's about to FLOOD. They expect a massive downpour, and with 5 o'clock traffic, the floods, and now a horrific downpour, it doesn't sound like it would be worth the drive/hassle. They want everyone to stay home; apparently she said they're even cancelling school tomorrow. Now, I don't know if that's true, but it IS raining pretty hard here, and has been for the last two days, and is supposed to continue til Friday. Plus, the roofer is coming (around 6) so I don't think I'll be leaving for yoga...I might just try to do it in my living room though. :)

Ok- nothing big, just a daily update. Hope you're doing great!! Keep yourself on track!


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  1. Sounds like a rampage to me! :D Deb