Sunday, January 17, 2010

We be clubbin

Of course I didn't get a workout in today. Of course not.

I did however, manage to talk my roommate into going dancing tonight. We almost always go to the Annex, a little club down in So Co (south county- south Orange county that is), but tonight we were too lazy to drive that far (and we weren't even sure we wanted to go dancing at the beginning of the night) so we threw on some random comfy clothes (I had on stretch pants and a flannel- ha!) and we went down to main street in HB for dinner and hopefully some attention from some individuals of the male variety. We were eating din in this little mexican spot when some guy came up to our table and from that point it was on- hook, line, and sinker. We flirted, we laughed, we went with him to meet his friends at another club/bar on the strip. That was the whole point- to meet new boys, which we have no problem doing when they're not of the mormon persuasion. For some reason- mormon boys make it really difficult. But non mormon's almost too easy. :)

We hit up several clubs/bars tonight and actually had a blast. It was just my roomie and I, and we weren't dressed at all to go to a club. But we were like- what the heck, we're bored and we want to dance. We get just as much attention (if not more) not being dressed up as we do when we're dressed to the nines. So we quit dressing up all the time. And every time we do this we have so much fun it's ridiculous.

I hope I worked at least half the calories from my tacos off on the dance floor. :( My taco's were really heavy and full of carnitas. Weigh in on Monday morning is starting to haunt me.


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  1. Hey, Diz. Glad you had a good time! And, so glad you were happy about the award.Thanks for commenting about it. :D Deb