Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whole New World

So last night I waited too long to go on a run outside (it got dark and I don't like to run in the dark alone), so I went to the gym to do cardio, and EVERY machine in the building was taken. Granted, it was 5:30, right when everyone gets off work and it's extremely busy. I forgot about this, since I don't have a job where I go to work and get off at 5. As I was looking around for a machine, ANY type of machine, a guy walked by and snickered and said, "good luck finding a machine". So, with head hanging down, I left. On the drive home, I tried to think what I could do. I could go to another gym, but I knew another gym would be just as packed. So I decided to try something I have never done before, I decided to try an online/on DEMAND cardio workout at home. WHAT??? I know, I don't usually try new things. I have my routine and I like my routine. Plus, previous to last night, I thought that I wouldn't get as good of a workout from some chick on TV than I can give myself. My sister, who just had a baby, but is wayyy more of a nazi than I am about working out, does on-DEMAND at home with her new little guy in his little seat while she works out in front of the TV, so I thought I could at least find something to hold me over til today. Hahahahaha....

Boy...was I wrong about On Demand! I feel like I got rammed by a truck this morning...(which I like, strangely). I was also totally opened up to a ton of great options! I don't know about your cable provider, but mine offers a ton of options- there are 1o minute workouts, 30 day weight loss workouts, AM & PM workouts, ABS workouts, Biggest Loser workouts, cardio workouts, toning workouts, pilates workouts, quick burn workouts, yoga workouts, etc etc. I was SHOCKED to find so many great options! There are workouts by Jillian Michaels, Carmen Electra, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Harley Pasternak, Jackie Warner, plus more! I'm serious- so crazy. I feel like maybe I'm not going to go to the gym for a few months. :) There are categories such as "Fun Fitness", "Most Popular", "Slim and Sexy", "The Skinny" "New Year's, New You" and "Walk for Weightloss".

What I want to know is...how long have I been living under a rock!? Since when did Exercise TV get so good? Plus I can workout right from the convenience of my own home, you can't know how nice it was to just sit in front of my TV alone and uninhibited as I sat there and did a million jumping jacks, because I knew no one was watching. :)

Have you ever used your on-Demand options?



  1. So apperntly I have a blogger thingy but didnt remember setting it up!

    I'm so glad you found something new to try! I do at home videos all the time. I've never been to a gym and have lost my 55lbs with DVDs and the recumbent bike.
    I'll have to look on our cable and see what they have, thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the OnDemand exercise tv...whenever I can't get to the gym I use it. I like (actually I HATE but I love the feeling after doing) Jillian Michael's no more trouble zones or 30 day shred. I also just started doing 6.pack.abs it's in the 10 minute selection even though I think it's 14 minutes long. OnDemand gives me no excuses to not work out.

  3. ExerciseTV is totally amazing! they really do have the best selection out there and all of their trainers are fun and motivating! Check out exercisetv.tv for a much bigger selection of FREE mini workouts and their HUGE DVD selection in their online store.