Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I will get to there.

I'm still inspired of the pic of Jennifer Aniston.

Today I was just staring at it, fondly wondering what I can do to get a body like that...and I realized something. I CAN get a body like that.  Several of you have commented that I can, and while I was in the shower this morning, I was giggling and commenting back to you what i would say if we were in real life- "girl please, I would need to lose 25-30 pounds to look like that...", "You're nuts" and things of this nature.  But then I started thinking about it.  I'm only 20 pounds away from the best body of my life.  What's stopping me?

THEN I had another bloggy friend email me and we chatted about lifting weights.  Turns out, she is my same height and weighs..wouldn't you know...20 pounds less than me (what are the odds?).  Immediately I started pushing for answers- what was she doing?  How did she get there?  How long did it take?  Turns out, she was once where I am at now.  She stalled; but then she added in the weights and it forced her past the plateau to new ground.  Now, I'm not saying I'm in a plateau.  But's it definitely been awhile since I lifted.  I quit lifting for several reasons- 1) Cardio helps you drop faster (or can) 2) Lifting makes me hungrier all day (cause you're boosting your metabolism...DUH!  And I don't want to do that because...?) 3) It takes effort and a few days til I'm passed the sore phase...

The point is...who cares why I stopped?  Now is the time to get back on it!  When I'm lifting, I have less body fat over all.  Right now I need that.  Right now, I might weigh less, but I am very flabby and it's unattractive.  Another bloggy friend and I have been going back and forth about why I won't wear a bikini, and this is why!  I'm too 'soft'!!  But I think I should change this...

So I'm headed out to the gym.  Just thought I'd tell you guys what the new plan is.  Thank you for reading, I enjoy our interactions very much.  You all, my friends, are fabulous.  And I love your spirit and your ability to lift me up when I'm dragging ass...




  1. you know, i just got back on david zinczenko's abs diet (which is an acronymn for the food you should eat) because i feel like i need some structure. i did it a few weeks about 2 years ago, but not by the letter. i don't know if you are familiar with this plan or not, but it's 6 weeks, not all crazy and restrictive (no calorie counting), and heavily emphasizes weights. claims are you can drop 20-30 pounds if you follow it; and while we know how that goes, those results are just amazing, and people have done it. the exercise is a 20-minute circuit, three times a week, an interval workout, and cardio optional and even kind of de-emphasized. i've always been kinda scared of weights, but i'm thinking i need to step it up and get on board with this metabolism boosting stuff.

    i never lifted hard enough to get the effects you speak of. but regardless, i am glad you posted on this, and i know you when you set your mind to it, you WILL conquer! keep us updated on your progress. i need some inspiration, here!

  2. Well, by George, I guess that was Jennifer Anniston. I didn't even recognize her.

    You are aiming high, and I admire that!

  3. Woohooo - bring on the bikinis!

  4. Diz your are amazingly beautiful! And you CAN reach any goal you want! I have such faith in you! Keep our eyes on the prize and don't micro analyze! You can do this! Head forward! Yay!

  5. Im proud of you. J. Aniston body here you COME!!!! :)

  6. Good for you Diz, you def can do it! and hey, if you set your mind on losing 20lbs, 5 won't seem so hard.. lol. I'm so far away from being a weight lifter but maybe someday, who knows. Keep us posted. I'm so happy that you're feeling motivated again. Love ya xoxoxox

  7. New Rules of Lifting for Women - go sit in B&N and read the first few chapters and you'll see why lifting will help you loose more than cardio. Get it girl! I can't wait till my back aches and pains go away so I can get back to it!!