Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little bit of binging, mixed with a little bit of boys...

Hello my little blog lovies!!  Time for my daily check in...

Well...there is good news...and there is caution.  Yesterday NR and I went to the gym and KILLED it.  I have been working out so hard and trying so hard to watch my points; I've been very pleased with myself I must say. :)  Last night after dinner, I still had 2 points left...and NR and I had plans to go down to the beach and have a bonfire with some other people from church.  Both of us are on a rampage to meet guys...

Well, when we got down to the bonfire, they were somehow cooking corn on the cob.  I'm not sure if they were roasting it or boiling it over the fire, but of course, I saw someone husking a cob and without thought I dove right in.  Was I hungry?  No, I'd just had dinner.  Did I justify it because it was corn?  Yes.  Did I need to slather butter all over it?  No.  But did I do it anyway?  Of course!

So there I am, mowing my corn in the middle of this bonfire social...and I start getting a little anxiety.  So I tell myself- you're fine, this is it Diz...no more after this.  It was still early- I'd say 8ish, so I wasn't too concerned.  We stayed and talked and mingled until about 10, and then NR, Allen and I left and decided to come home, take showers to rid ourselves of the smoke smell, and watch a movie.  Allen was complaining that he was starving and NR was complaining that she needed a treat...and in my mind I was complaining that I needed to toughen up and NOT have a treat and NOT eat anything with Allen.

Well, Allen went home to take a shower and came back over and when he came back he had hummus from our local mafia mart.  No one makes hummus like our local mafia.  It's the best hummus you will ever put in your mouth, hands down.  He fired up the stove and started toasting some pitas and the next thing I know, I'm mowing down hummus and pitas with NR and Allen while we're laughing our heads off to a movie.  NR, Allen and me were scooping that hummus onto our pitas like you would scoop ice cream up for a brownie.  He had 2 cartons of it- and we cleaned out one carton in 10 minutes flat.  What happened to my self control?  I swear the mafia puts something in their hummus...it's just not right.  After the mow down I felt guilty, and it didn't help that I had this huge nasty brick of bread and hummus in my stomach at 11:30 at night.  I know I have the flex points to cover said corn, butter, pitas and hummus...but I didn't want to use my flex points this week...AND it's only Tuesday.  AND I have a date tonight- Brad.  We're going to dinner; he is really cute and on the ball, and a little socially awkward...which I find somewhat endearing and also somewhat frustrating.  Because of his social awkwardness, he gets self conscious when he talks to me and goes strictly into business mode.  I want to get to know him!  I want to push past this little facade he has going on, but he will NOT let me quite yet.  Hopefully tonight. ;) Tonight is date #1 with Brad.  I met him at a Luau about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but he's been busy with finals at UCLA Business school of Marshall, so he hasn't had the time to take me out yet.  So tonight we celebrate.  I also have date #2 with Larry on Thursday.  Tomorrow night is dinner in LA with my old roommate and some of our other friends.  And with socializing comes food...sigh...

NR is leaving for 3 weeks for work and we have a mini challenge to see who can lose more weight while she's gone (in a healthy way of course).  Naturally I want to win; but she's a little more disciplined than I am.  I am REALLY going to have to focus!  She leaves on Friday. :(

Let's hope things go well with Brad!!!!  I'll let you guys know tomorrow...



  1. Hmmmm. Well. You are given the flex points to use. You used them. No need to feel guilty, although I do understand! BUT this week when you're tempted, try to remind yourself that you already used your flex points. :)

    The good news is that you know these events are coming up and can manage your points accordingly throughout the day. :D Good luck! Social things are rough.

    I'm already feeling anxiety over my sons' joint birthday cake that's happening on Father's Day. (Their birthdays are June 1 & June 17. We are in the midst of the magic 16 days when they are both the same age. hahaha)

    Now that they each have their own significant others, I only do one cake event. But it IS a cake event. Cake. Gluten. Sugar..... Well, you know.


  2. Um yah you'll let us know about Brad or I'll have to come hunt you down for details. You used flex points - good - move on. You can do this. One slip does not have to become a slide.

  3. Okay - yah - I read this title quick and thought you said "A little bit of banging" - whooaaa!

  4. Brad AND Larry! Sounds like too much fun.

    OK, the mow down is over. Three weeks to triumph over NR. You can do it!

  5. Have fun on your date Sweetie, I'll be anxious to hear the details. Also, don't beat yourself up, its always better to binge on healthy food than greasy, sugary, salty, fatty treats, so when you look at the big picture you didn't do so bad. I do know exactly how you feel though but at least you're conscious of it and thats better than throwing your hands up and not giving a sh*t. love ya!