Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Monday

I feel like a crazy spazz right now.

I'm at work, and I only have a few moments to share with you guys.  But I'll try to fit everything in, in the few moments I can...

First of all I went to weigh in Saturday morning.  I was up half a pound. was okay because I had such a bad weekend the weekend before with the old roomie, that I was grateful that I was able to work most of it back off.  I didn't want to go in and weigh because I knew I hadn't lost, but I knew I needed to take accountability for the week (and the previous weekend) and be able to put it behind me, so I went in anyway.  Even though there was a gain, it felt so good to finally put that crap weekend behind me.  And in turn I ended up having a great day.  I met up with a friend at the gym to do some cardio, and then later in the afternoon I ended up doing some yoga as well, so I would say it was a good day on Saturday!  Today I'm really excited to work hard this week.  My mom is flying in to spend the week with me and even though I should be nervous because we like to eat when we're together- I'm not because I'm committed to having a good week.  I've worked hard to position myself to have a stellar week this week and I will.  I feel like a $1,000.  This week is going to kick trash!

In other news- yes, I still have a mini on Matt.  I mean, come on now- you didn't think I would really give up that easily, did you?  I just posted that on Friday or Saturday (or whatever day that was) because I was frustrated that he hasn't tried to see me at all really.  And I'm still a little frustrated by it- but I told a friend this morning- patience.  I've put everything in order- done all I can do- now it's up to him.  If he's interested,  he'll make moves.  If he's not, I'll move on.  No worries!  Life is so good...

I am feeling really really happy and positive lately.  This morning I was driving into the office and thinking, you know- I have such a great life and I really do feel a peaceful, subtle happiness that is long lasting and fulfilling. I am so happy about it.  I have been really striving to see things in a more positive light and focus on my blessings and I feel like I'm finally starting to see the fruits of all my labors. :)

Let's have a stellar week friends!  We can!!!



  1. Awww - you're just the best. I puffy heart you big time!

  2. You brighten my day--or evening--with your positive outlook. You really do! Have a great week with your mom!

  3. What a great post D!!!
    The very best way to get over a gain is to just fight back and you are in the best mindset to do just that! I was feeling the same way as you and thinking of skipping my weigh-in but I need to be accountable and just make this week a good week!

  4. I am so happy to hear that you are seeing the fruits of your labor. All this soul searching and self-improvement is hard work D.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  5. Oh Diz! I <3 you! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well, and I hope you enjoy every minute with your mother! :)

  6. Diz you truly are an amazing women. Glad your still a lil squishy hearted for Matt!