Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just another Saturday

Okay guys this is going to be super fast because I'm leaving for LA in like, 5 minutes.  I'm just waiting for all of the people to arrive at my house before we go- and I was really proud of myself today because I ran 8 freaking miles and just wanted to get on and share!!!! WOOOOOT!!  8 is the furthest I have ever run in one run.  I am training for the Ragnar so it was on the schedule for today's workout.  Nevermind the fact that today was the first day I decided to train; probably would be smarter to start out at a lesser mileage, but I can't wait!  I just needed to get into it and get it done. ;)

On the boy tip- The last one I had a crush on- did I call him Matt?  Is SO over.  Heard some nasty rumors about him.  Even if they're not true, he still has hit on 3 of my friends. DOUCHE.  But I did find some new ones to work on.  There is a guy that I have run into a few times now named Aiden that is just adorable, and word has it through the rumor mill that he has decided to ask me out soon.  We'll see if this happens, but I got secretly excited when I was told this last night.  He is a fireman- complete with red hair and blue eyes.  Hahaha!  What is it with me and the red heads lately?  He's all muscular and in shape and stuff- it's so sexy.  Last Friday night while I was in the midst of the party weekend I was dancing in a club with my friends and he was there.  Don't worry that he cornered me and started dancing with me and it was freaking on.  He is so sexy; and from what my friends were telling me last night- he's apparently a really good guy.  All the girls could say is that he's so gentlemenly and kind and just an overall good man.  I don't know any of this- all I know is that he knows how to freak on the dance floor and he has a super nice body and we flirt like crazy every time I see him around.  He's confident, funny, and according to the girls- a good man. :)  I'm actually really excited if he's going to ask me out.

The other one going on is Nash.  But I'll have to tell you more later because my friends just showed up.




  1. congrats on the distance, Diz! so proud!!
    oh, how i love a redheaded guy....

    have fun!

  2. Eight miles! WOWSER! That's a run!

    Back in the day, I had a red-headed, soccer player boyfriend. OH, those thighs.

    Good luck with Hot Fireman!

  3. Hmmm...sounds like it could be good..:)

  4. You should share your training schedule or a link; I'd be curious to see what you're doing. Good luck as always with the boys...

  5. Mmm. Fireman.
    Mmm. Blue eyes.
    Mmm. Fireman.
    Mmm. Dances.
    Mmm. Fireman.