Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I will punch my scale in the throat.

I'm a mix of disappointed and frustrated today.

Yesterday was a mix of pure emotion- from being bugged with my weight gain (at least yesterday I understood why it happened...Sunday's relapse into fat oblivion), to turning my attitude around thanks to my mini support team (twitter dream team)...I thought yesterday was awesome. I had a fiber one bar and an apple in the morning...a healthy salad with no cheese or croutons or salad dressing on it for lunch (raspberry vinaigrette on the side), water all day, a small bag of chipotle chips for a snack cause I was starving and at work and that's all I had, asparagus and mushrooms for dinner when I got home with spray butter on them, and then a half hour of weights at the gym with a 45 minute interval ass-kick on the stairmaster.


How did I even eat enough to make the scale go up? Maybe I didn't. I ate when I was hungry though and I stopped when I was full. I wasn't super hungry yesterday, but again- I blame that on Sunday's fiasco. It was all healthy! It was all fruits and veggies! I had a fiber one bar in the morning and some friggin chips! Give me a break! Oh wait, there was a cheese stick in there that a co-worker gave me around chip time...but still. A string cheese stick does not equal a scale influx. The funny thing was I was hesitant to eat the string cheese after deciding yesterday that I was going to be more vegetarian-esque.

I did realize yesterday as I was going about my day that I am quite dependant on meat/cheese/dairy. I tried hard to be more fruitty and veggie-ish..but it was hard because eggs have been such a major staple in my diet for years now. I eat them pretty much everyday. I eat them for breakfast and then at dinner- I just got so used to them in my low-carb/high protein days that I eat them all the time. They're so great if you need something quick, something low fat, something that can be mixed with anything or on their own. For example- yesterday I would've had them for dinner. I have eggs for dinner about 4 times a week. I didn't because I'm cutting back on in order to increase my intake of fruits and veggies and so for dinner last night I didn't know what to have. I would've normally have two egg whites and a normal egg with my asparagus and mushrooms, in my normal thought process it would've been the perfect fill me up with only a 100 or so calories and no carbs. I sat around half the day trying to figure out what else I can eat- no joke. I know there are plenty of options and I'm excited to explore them more as I try to expand my horizons in the f/v arena. It's just funny to realize how dependant I've grown on meat/dairy.

Anyway- wish me luck- I have to get on with my day. I need to go running and I need some breakfast I'm starving.

Happy Eating.



  1. Oh Damn- this sounds like me last week!I wanted to body slam that piece of shit scale last week. Rest assured- two days later the loss showed up. This will probably happen for you too.

  2. So true...I forget that my body has a delayed reaction. Time and time again I learn this, and time and time again I freak out. You're right though- it will be fine. Sorry for the freak out. :P