Monday, September 21, 2009

What happened to my Progess? Where oh where did it go...Again.

Finally! Finally I'm writing my post- it's only 11:45 at night, and the first chance I could get here. I've been thinking about this post all day; having this internal dialogue of..."should I include this? How bout this? Can't wait to tell them about that..." it's been awesome. And torturous. Haha- J/K. Anyway- on to my day (DREAD).

So today was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I totally sideswiped my co-workers by turning in my two week notice. NO ONE was expecting it, but it had to be done; I have a new opportunity with another company making more money so I had to take it. Unfortunately I will be leaving my current team, which makes me sad- they're all so awesome (seriously). So my boss and I went to lunch. We went to El Toritos...and even though I got a salad, let's just say we were both inhaling chips like they were illegal. Then I went to Duke's with Marty for dinner. I had 2 fish taco's- grilled. They weren't bad and it would've been fine except for the fact that I haven't worked out today (sorry Shredit, I swear I'll run that mileage tomorrow!) Anyway, on the way back to Marty's, he made a comment about my del taco run the other night. He still doesn't believe I went to Del Taco, he's convinced I was with another guy. Whatever. While he was teasing me about the whole thing, I had an epiphany. This was my exact thought process...

"Del Taco at 2 am Diz. Wow. Embarrassing that he thinks I was out with another guy when really I was at Del Taco chowing on cheesy quesadilla's. Wait...what? What am I doing? No wonder I'm not dropping lbs. How can I say I'm serious about this when there's a 2 am Del Taco run, followed by In-N-Out the next day, no workout, followed by El Torito's and then Duke's, no workout? WHAT THE H*** AM I DOING?"

Seriously- those were my thoughts. Followed by, "wow- I'm full. at 10:30 at night- stuffed." GREAT.

So I realized I need to get with the program. No wonder I lose less than 5 pounds a month. I've decided to join in the Biggest Loser challenge- I too will post a picture of myself right now (I'm taking a pic as we speak). Check it:

Of course, taking this picture is humiliating, hence the hat (no one to see my lovely face). It's a little sad that the minute I start this blog I realize I'm off swimming in the deep end. Anyway, I'm dealing with it- let's hope I can get back on the wagon and get some lbs off. As we can all see, I need to be a little more serious about it.

Oh wait! Almost forgot to put down the daily weigh in: 152.6 as of this morning. UGGHHHHH. I want out of the 150's. Over it.


  1. You know what? Today is a great day to start being serious about it...just take it one day at a seriously works.
    I lose 8-9 a month which I think is an excellent pace, but I do it by taking it one day at a time..

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  3. Dont feel bad- I had one of those days yesterday- Mcd's breakfast, then big fat (double)burger for dinner with DQ for desert- it's okay tho! We move on- it's life- we cant be perfect all the time. Let's just do a hella-lot better today!!

    Why dont we commit to not eating out at all today or tomorrow? you in?

  4. Girl you know I'm in! Please! Let's pack our lunches- and get in our 5 fruits and veggies, and drink only water. I'm serious. AND let's get in a good work out. I need a really, really good day to get me back on track. WE can do it- it'll be so good...