Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ahhhhh....Dating! The death of dieting.

Why does the guy I'm dating always have to pick the best, nicest restaurants for us to go to on our dates? It's KILLING my progress. He knows I love food. He loves food. Our first date consisted of us sitting around talking about croissants with dripping BUTTER and honey and then we shifted to talking about the best places to eat in Orange County. He's lived here a lot longer than I have so he knows all of the best places to eat; he told me all about them that night. I'm not kidding, we had TWO desserts on that first date because he couldn't decide which one to get. Plus he wanted me to try both of them. That was date 1: I should've known I was in trouble right then. I literally gained 3-4 pounds from that first date; it was horrific. I had a stomach ache that whole night and couldn't sleep because I was soo full. But anyway, I'm getting distracted....

He also happens to be between 6' and 6'2, blond hair, the most amazing blue eyes, and in great shape. He goes to the gym everyday, he plays beach volleyball like, 4 times a week and rides his bike all over Orange County. In fact, when we went to the Angel's game last weekend he told me that he rode his bike to Santa Ana to pick up the tickets. Excuse me? We live in Huntington Beach! It's 25 miles round trip- which was NOTHING to him. He rides more than that all the time. Half the time I talk to him he calls me from his bike- he'll be on some ride at 11 at night and he calls to tell me how beautiful the moon looks and that he wishes I was with him. I, meanwhile, get breathless just thinking about riding 25 miles.

So fast forward to last night- we had a conference to attend before dinner and I wanted to look nice for the conference, so I went out and bought a new shirt. I ran 6 miles yesterday! I was feeling strong, confident, happy. My eating yesterday was impeccable; all healthy. I met him at the conference and immediately he was showering me with compliments- 'you look stunning in that shirt', 'you're so beautiful', etc. And I FELT beautiful- this shirt I found wasn't a fitted shirt, it was blousy and loose and I was confident and comfortable in it. Well, because we were dressed up, he suggested we go to Houston's for dinner after the conference was over. Houston's is a steak house here in Irvine. It's super nice...and DELICIOUS. I knew I was in trouble the minute he whispered those two syllables "Hew-ston's" in my ear.

Let's just say it's 11 am the following day and I'm barely getting hungry. Part of the problem was that it was 10 o'clock by the time we got to Houston's, and I've been doing my best to not eat after 8 pm. The other part was that he ordered it up while we were there and I've been eating a very light dinner every night so it's nice and burned off by the time I go to bed. But he had in his mind all of these things he wanted me to try on the menu- so of course we had an appetizer, two side dishes of bread with oil and olive tempanade (and of course, whipped butter), ribs with like- 5 sides (luckily they were all vegetables: the cinnamon cabbage, corn, french green beans and a baked potato), and the hot fudge sundae. I did my best to eat as slow as possible and put my fork down a few times so as not to over eat. I had water with lemon, and I tried to drink it often to help me fill up so I wouldn't over eat. Of course dessert is one of my weaknesses, so that part of dinner was a disaster. But overall it was delicious and I felt pretty good about it when we left because I wasn't deathly full (as I usually do it), but I still feel a little nervouss about the scale this morning. :( I know how eating like that doesn't help me lose. The goal is to LOSE!

So here's the breakdown: it's my daily check in: I'm posting this from now on in an attempt to be held accountable)

Daily weigh in: 152 lbs.

(so you know) the Goal is to get back under 135 (125-130); my Height: 5'4

Wish me luck today!


  1. Oh- I feel for you!!! But I will tell you this: When my 6'4 170 pound fiance and I first started dating it was all about the eating. We went out to eat for every meal. Fast forward to 6 years later and 40 pounds heavier. He on the other hand gained 10. And you can't tell on his frame. Me on the other hand at 5'3- well, you can imagine.

    Try suggesting workout related dates- long stroll in the park, bike rides, hikes, frisbee golf, whatever. Pack picnics or cook him dinner. Just DONT make a habit out of what you are doing or you may end up having an entire relationship built around food. Take it from me!

  2. Luz- Thank you Thank you! That's totally how it is- they never gain like we do. He always tells me he wants me to go bike riding with him but I'm self conscious about it. He also always tells me to come by and see him when I'm working out, but again, I don't cause I'm self conscious. But you're right, if I make it apart of our relationship now, it will pay off later. I love it! Thank you for the comment!

  3. Wait, so...are you saying that you weigh yourself everyday? There's no way I could do that! I'd go crazy! hehe

    Also, maybe you'll just have to tell him what you're trying to do at some point. If he's awesome, which I'm guessing he is, he'll be cool with it.

    I heart Orange County, by the way..It's my favorite part of CA though I live across the country. ;) I grew up in the Midwest and South too.

  4. Yeah, I'm obsessed with weighing everyday. I tried for awhile to only weigh once a week and within a week I was back to the daily weigh. It helps me stay motivated. If I see that the gain is only 1/2 pound or so, I'm inspired to work harder to take it off that day; whereas if I see that it's up 3 pounds (what can happen in a week), I kind of freak out and start with the negativity. Same with the other way too- if I see the numbers go down I get amped to keep going. It's weird I'm sure, but it works for me.

    I love OC too- it's one of the best places on earth. I don't know how I'll ever live anywhere else, if I have to go...