Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boredom, you drive me insane.

So I had to leave the gym early tonight because I was bored out of my mind on the stairmaster. I think it's because I've been running outside for the last 3 months or something. It's getting darker earlier now and I usually don't make it outside before the sun is gone so I've been resorting to the gym. When Marty goes it's fine...I'm busy trying to look like I'm working hard and being cool. But he's out of town til Saturday and I had to make the trek alone tonight. I swear, if I'm not bored at the gym, I'm bored in front of the tv and eating. And if I'm not bored in front of the tv, I'm bored at work (and eating). I'm having a real big problem with boredom lately. And when I'm bored, I eat. I'm bored with boys, with my haircut, with my clothes, with my iPod selection. I had a friend once tell me that only boring people get bored. Really? I guess it could be true...I'm not claiming to be the most exciting girl alive. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm starting to feel like this post is pretty boring as I type it out. UGH! Back to the workouts...I know I should incorporate different things into my workout to keep it "fresh" and "exciting". The thing is, I've done a lot of new things in the past in attempt to keep things fresh. What can I try now? I've trained with a trainer, I've run, I've swam, I've done spinning classes like they're going out of style, I've done (and continue to do) yoga, I've lifted a million weights, I've tried all the different little classes (like hip hop aerobics and kickboxing). What else is there?What is a good workout that works me hard and gives me good results, that i can do in the gym in a decent amount of time?

I'm bored with this post- peace out.



  1. Well, here's the thing..we get into moods sometimes...sometimes we're unmotivated..sometimes we're sad and sometimes we're bored. It happens.

    My advice is to suck it up, and keep going. Boredom passes, and while it's so much easier when it's fun, it's necessary either way. I get bored on the bike sometimes, but if it's raining or whatever, I just do it anyway. Better to be bored exercising than bored eating crap and being a couch potato. :)

    And there's nothing wrong with being a couch potato, for the's just so much nicer to be mindless after we've accomplished something good. :)

    Way to go did 30 minutes, and that's super. :)

  2. Hey, Diz. I've been thinking about you being bored. It is certainly a mood that will pass, but why not take advantage of it--and Marty's absence.

    Take this, I'm so bored time, and just sit with yourself for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and look inside. (You can do this on the stairmaster--don't really have to SIT. :D)

    Ask yourself some questions about who you are, what you want, what you like, what you need... And, if those questions feel boring :), here's a different one for you:

    If while you slept, a miracle happened and your life became perfect--what would be different and what would be the same when you woke up? In other words, how would you know that miracle of a perfect life had happened?

    :D (Uh-hmmm, this is what happens when your twitter friend is a counselor. Just can't let this moment pass w/out jumping in with both feet.)



  3. I'm bored with you! ;) Haha! I must be a very boring person as well bc I am always bored! Such is life!
    I wish I had an answer for you as far finding a new workout. The problem is, you'll get bored with that too! So just keep on steppin. Find new music for your ipod to keep that exciting. You just have to focus on the end result. Why do you go to the gym? What do you want out of it and stay focused! I don't get bored with the gym but I don't always love it. Some days I down right HATE IT! But I do it! I do it bc I know what the end result is. Focus on the goal and why you are doing it. It's 1 hour out of your day. You can be bored for that time. Suck it up! ;)

    Sounds like I need to come play with you bc I am bored and you are bored! Alan is probably going to AZ Oct. 25th (ish). I know that is coming up. Are you busy that time? I'd love to come play! Let me know. We'll work out the details. Love you!