Friday, October 16, 2009

Love it or Leave it.

I was inspired yesterday by Luzanne's post regarding the 30 changes and accomplishments she's made in the last year; if you want to read the post, click here:

Anyway, it inspired me to write my own list of 25 things I love about myself. How much do we celebrate ourselves and our lives? Here's my list, not in any particular order. I'm going to attempt to start off with physical traits I love (since this is a weight loss blog- I feel like this list should cover some things I love physically about myself) but obviously it may detract from that a bit since there are 25 things...

Here goes:

1) I love my eyes- they're expressive and pretty.
2) I love my hair- I have great hair. It's thick, it's healthy; beautiful.
3) I love my lips- while they're not as full as they used to be in my younger years- I still love the way guys always tell me they're full and they love kissing them- and they love my bottom lip especially. :)
4) I love my legs- I have GREAT, shapely legs.
5) I love my hands and feet- I have small hands and feet.
6) I love my forearms. I know this may sound weird to you but it's true! Their small and shapely from years of doing massage.
7) I have a great rack. Not as perky as they once were- but still beautiful.
8) I love being short. I'm 5'4- so most guys I talk to are taller than me. I like being the smaller one.
9) I love my ankles. They're small and cute and bony in a good way.
10) I love my teeth. They're white and straight and perfect for my mouth.
11) How could I love all of these things and not love my smile? It's crooked and has character, and I love it.
12) I love that I can tell great stories; at Christmas or at any other family function I'm always called upon by my cousins and/or my siblings to tell stories from my life and/or my dating life and I love it. In the right situation- I love being the center of attention and making other people laugh.
13) I love writing- and I love that I can do it with some talent. While I don't proclaim to be the best writer in the world, I can definitely tell I have some small talent at it.
14) I love that I'm so passionate- of course it's gotten me in trouble in the past- because passionate and emotional seem to go hand in hand (and emotional is not one of my favorite things)- but as I've gotten older and I've learned to bridle the passion a little bit- I love that I feel the fire in my heart whether it's for other people, or situations, or for my job. I love that I live life to the fullest.
15) I love being a woman. I love feeling feminine and pretty and/or sexy (at times- I definitely do not always feel this way.)
16) I love that I'm a college graduate. It was a big accomplishment for me.
17) I love that I have done a triathlon; and that I can be an athlete and be a strong woman.
18) I love being independent and knowing that I take care of myself. I don't need help from my family- although I do love them and am thankful for every bit of support they ever give me and have ever given me.
19) I love that I'm swiss (born in Switzerland)
20) I love that I can speak German- even if it's only crudely. It sounds cool that I can speak a foreign language. I love that I've had the opportunity to travel to foreign countries and see the world in a different way.
21) I love the spiritual side of me. I love knowing that God loves me and created me as a masterpiece and a crowning jewel.
22) I love knowing that my life is my own- and I can create of it what I want to.
23) I love my body and that it's healthy.
24) I love that my cheeks are rosy (it's hereditary from my dad)
25) I love being 31. I love my 30's.

I hope this post inspires you to remember all the things you love about yourself. Have a great weekend!



  1. Okay, I seriously LOVE this list. And I would have seen it when I crawled into bed to read my daily blogs. But I'm glad I saw it now instead. :)

    I love that you love so much about yourself. I think we have to love ourselves because if we don't, how will be ever believe that others love us?

    You are so. totally. awesome. And I'm so glad we're tweeps!

  2. Hey, diz. WOW! Obviously you are one gorgeous chick! Glad you know it. Reread this list whenever you think you're not hot. :)