Friday, October 30, 2009

Flipped it; Spanked it.

Today was another awesome day. Ran 7.3 miles again, went to yoga this morning- ate well under my points...until I went to dinner with Marty. We went to that stinkin little peruvian place we always go to that my friend owns. It's danger. Straight danger. But seriously, when the fullness ticker went off in my belly I listened. I stopped eating. So even though I had Lomo Saltado for dinner, I don't feel bad because I ran 7.3 miles and stopped when my body asked me too.

The only thing that kind of sucked tonight was that Marty left around midnight and I dozed off. Then my roommate came home and slammed the door and it woke me up, so I got up and started doing a few things around the house. Well- I have a HUGE day tomorrow. For one thing, I have a TON of work to do. For another, I'm moving into my new apartment and I'm super stressed about making sure everything gets done. So what do I do? Wander to the fridge at 1:35 am to see if my roommate cleaned out her food and find some frosting for cookies in the fridge and dip my finger right into the frosting jar and take a huge chunk out...and lick it up. Mmmmm- it was the good kind too with the little chewy rainbow things in it. But it was only one finger dip- hahahaha. And now I'm writing about it instead of going for round two. So count it as it is.

I hope Lomo Saltado isn't secret death and i just don't know it. There's no heavy cream on it. I didn't eat the rice. I ate out all of the vegetables first and only ate the meat til I was full.

Marty was in a mood tonight. He pounded all of his food and then pounded my leftovers. He kept apologizing but I was ok with it because then I couldn't bring them home to eat later. Watching him put it away though made me a little envious that I can't eat like that and be as in shape as he is. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm rambling now. I hope I can make it through the weekend. Peace out lovers!



  1. When I slowed down my eating and really started thinking about what I was doing, I found that the majority of the time I eas eating, it was for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with hunger: boredom, entertainment, stress. For me, the mental part of the equation had to be solved before the physical barriers could be broken down.

    Good luck on the move. Sounds like you've got a good handle on things. One midnight lick of frosting isn't the end of the world...

  2. Well? How did you do the rest of the weekend? I did horrible!!! My family was in town for my grandma's funeral. Kyle stayed with us. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!!! He came in Wednesday night and we had dinner at my sista's. Of course candy was involved. ;) Then Thursday night before the viewing we were so starving! We had all gone to the temple so it had been a long time since we had eaten. We all had Mexican food that my mom made. Then after the viewing we all went to my sista's house to hang out. Well some how we made a trip to Wendy's. I had fries and frozen yogurt. Ugh! Then Friday morning we all went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. Need I explain how that turned out?! Then after the funeral they had the best food! So of course I partook of all of that. Then later that night we stayed up till 3am reminiscing of our childhood and our grandmother. There was pizza involved and trail mix. Ugh! THEN there was Halloween. I had a little too much candy! Tomorrow is our anniversary so I have a feeling there will be some celebration food involved. Then it's back on the wagon! Hope you did better than I did. Why do I feel the need to always confess my sins (junk food eating) to you! ;) Love you much! Hope you had a fab weekend. P.s. My grandma's funeral was absolutely amazing! Quite the celebration of life for such an amazing women! Love you, miss you!

  3. My boyfriend can eat whatever he wants while he stays in great shape too. It's aggravating, but he doesn't feel like snacking or eating as much as I do so maybe there's something to that. ;)