Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I didn't even have to use my A.K....

Today was a great day! I worked out, I ate healthily, I think I stayed within my points range (went to dinner at Soup Plantation so it's impossible to tell how many points I had- but I stayed away from breads, desserts, and butter and croutons. And I managed portion control as best as possible! GO ME!)...the bloating is coming down...Life is good! I can't wait to finish out this week and get back to WW- skinnier; healthier.

I would write more but I have a lot going on tonight- Hopefully I can write more soon. Love you guys!



  1. That's awesome. It sounds like you made choices that you wouldn't have necessarily made before. That is something to be proud of. wooo!

    Skinnier;healthier - yay!

  2. I started to sink my chompers into a piece of cake last night. And I did, but quit after two bites. I had a change of heart. That's victory for me.

    It's great that you dissed the breads & desserts!

  3. Hey Girl- Love the title of you blogpost- haha! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit there... but it looks like you are hanging in there! Go You! : )