Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's funny how you can go from being completely motivated to completely de-motivated in a matter of hours. I'm hanging by a thread here. I didn't get workout in today which I think would've helped.



  1. How? I think dieting freaks out the chemicals in our brains. shrug.

    If you read most blogs that have daily posts or follow regular tweeters, you'll see that same dynamic of up and determined one day and down in the pit of despair the next.

    I'm sometimes embarrassed by that, but it happens to so many that we just need to accept it as diet sequelae, shrug and move on. I am convinced that dieting produces a state of temporary nutiness.

    Just call me pecan--


  2. Just workout today...:) That's all you can do at this point, and you'll feel totally happy about it.

  3. LOLOL! You're so right Deb- you're so right. Call me peanut.