Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 2 is a Doozie!

WE all know what 2nd week is like- we've seen it on Biggest Loser. Well- I'm full on immersed in week 2- and let me tell ya, things are tough! Last night I had to go to a college fair for work- and up until the college fair I was perfect! I went running yesterday (4.5 miles), I went to yoga, I had 3 points left for dinner and I wasn't even hungry when I left for the fair at 6:30 (not including any activity points I'd gained)- so why when they dangled panda express in front of me, I automatically took the bait? I wasn't even hungry! Yet I scooped up that plate like no one's business and started the internal battle. I KNEW I wasn't hungry- and yet I ate. UGH!!!!

I used extra points on Monyday, now Tuesday...I better get a grip and get back on the band wagon or I'm going to end up like the losers on Biggest Loser- struggling week 2. I don't want to get discouraged! I feel like I'm on a roll; I want sooo bad to have a good week this week.

More later- I have to work now. ;) Have a great day!!!



  1. It took me quite a while to get a suitable strategy on impromptu eating like that. I made sure I had ready access to healthy alternatives and simply practiced exercising my "no, thanks" muscle. It takes work, but you can do it!

  2. You, Diz, are the perfect dieting partner!

    I'm just finishing my week 2 and have had a very ruff week. I thought about BL's week 2 woes and wondered if this was more than a coincidence.

    I mean my week 1 was beyond perfect as far as following the plan goes. This week, not so much. I also worried if I was a one week wonder and my trouble was going to be a trend.

    But, then, your post! Ha, HA! It IS the week 2 curse! Whoopee! No trend. Just some bizarre week 2 whammy. What a relief.

    Thanks for the "me, too!" that I felt as I read your post. I hope your week 2 whammy peters out NOW and you have smooth sailing here on in.



  3. My boyfriend told me something once...he said "if you stick to the basics, you never have to go back to the basics." I eat pretty well most of the time, but I heart Chinese food too. I eat it from time to time, but I plan for it. And I don't do it within a couple days of weighing in (because there's just so much sodium.)
    We will never be perfect, but if we do well most of the time we should see progress. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
    Also, it's okay to say no sometimes. I do, and while it's not much fun at the time, it's way more fun when I step on the scale and weigh less...