Thursday, November 12, 2009

Detoxification Emancipation

Today I was on the road working, and I had to pee at just about every stop I made. Around the 3rd stop I started getting super irritated- I didn't drink THAT much water, why was I having to go so much? Then it hit me; maybe I'm still detoxing from last weekend's binge extravaganza. I became suspicious that I was "detoxing" on Monday when I was sweating so hard at the gym that my whole entire shirt became completely drenched. I mean, I sweat- don't get me wrong- but this was above average for me. Yesterday, same thing. I was on the stairmaster and within 5 minutes I was dripping. DRIPPING. I couldn't wipe the sweat away fast enough. The only thing that brought me comfort was looking over and seeing the guy next to me doing the same thing. We were both a wet mess. It was so HOT in that gym last night!

As I was on the treadmill thinking about it (yesterday), I realized I was still feeling "heavy" from the weekend (remember my comment about my body's rebellion? Yeah- it's because of Saturday). Mind you- it's Thursday. These "feelings" I've been having are very interesting...I realized today (around break 3) that even though it's kind of annoying, I'm actually paying attention to how my body is feeling and I'm starting to realize that it really does take DAYS to recuperate from a binge. They're very subtle differences that I don't think I would've noticed or paid attention to before; but my body has been assaulted and it's trying to rebound.

Have you ever noticed how your body copes with a binge? For me, it's excessive thirst the following morning (what I think is happening is my body has to pull water from other areas to help my stomach break down and process the excessive food), sluggishness for a few days during workouts, and excessive sweating (again, trying to shed that extra water weight my body retained in an effort to deal with the huge amounts of food I ingested). I also have a hard time with food choices for the next few days. I try to pick things that are light- but then I'm hungry cause I've stretched out my stomach. However, if I pick something heavy- I go into carb coma and feel sick. I'm not in the mood for heavy at all- and anything sweet makes me instantly sick. But I think in my mind I'm still kind of craving those foods or something. I don't know- I'm still deciphering all of the signals my body gives me. I just can't believe that it's Thursday! Seriously? I had that binge on Sat. I just think it's so interesting how my body is reacting- especially now that I'm trying to tune into it.

Ok folks- I have a RUN calling my name- so I have to go. Have a good one!



  1. :D That is very cool, Diz! I think we ARE heading down that Highway to Thin! WooHoo! Deb

  2. Our bodies are so weird, aren't they? Good grief. You're on the right track if you're listening to your body...keep it up girlie! :)

  3. I've ate too much this week - starting on Mon., and it's been hard to recover since then. I exercised on Wed. night & Thurs. night, and I became tired much more easily. I accidentally ate too much on Mon. - didn't check pt values beforehand. It's been downhill since then. I just hope I do better with the rest of today, & keep dragging myself to the gym even though I feel like crap.

  4. You'll make it Amelia!!! we can do this!