Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's got a basket, a bell that rings...

Blah. That's how I feel right now.

The good news is- I worked out today- 55 minutes on the dreaded stairmaster, and I've done decent with my points. I worked out hard yesterday too, but...have you ever had one of those days/weeks where you could just feel that your body was kind of rebelling and it was going to be a long week? You worked hard, but you just knew in your heart that not much was going to happen? Yeah, I'm feeling that this week. It sucks. I feel like what's really happening is me trying to get my body back on track after last week's Binge of Death episode on Sat. I don't know why I'm struggling so hard- I'm not over eating, I'm not in the mood for sweets still, but I just feel like no matter what I do, I'm fighting an uphill battle this week. Oh well, the battle must still be fought...right? Regardless of the outcome, now is not the time to give in.

On a better note, I also took my road bike into Jax- a bike shop on Main St, to have it tuned up and looked over before I hit the streets with it next week. It's been sitting in the garage for about 2 years now; basically since I moved to CA. Marty found out I have a bike and since he's an avid biker he made me promise to take it in while he was gone so we could ride together next week. It's part of him being supportive of my weight loss attempts, but also- he enjoys working out with me (and I like working out with him too). It's a great way for us to bond. :)

Taking it in for a 'once over' got me so excited! Not only that- but when Marty first saw my bike- he was like, "Whoa- this is a SUPER nice bike. How much was it? Where'd you get it?" which made me a little proud. Then tonight while at Jax, another guy saw my bike and did the same thing. He offered to buy it off of me on the spot. WHAT??? Haha- I loved it, but declined the offer. I was very flattered and secretly thrilled that everyone loves my bike so much. It's a road bike which seems to be unusual 'round these parts. They are pretty common in Salt Lake, where I bought it. But out here everyone has either hybrids or beach cruisers or mountain bikes. I don't know why road bikes are such a rarity here- esp given all the road everywhere, but they seem to be somewhat scarce. Sometimes I'm surprised at the little differences in things I find in CA vs other places I've lived.

The guy that was working on it also told me about a club that rides on Friday mornings out of Long Beach that is called the "Long Beach Tri" club (they train for triathlons) and he said they do great rides up and down the coast- so I'm thinking about checking them out and training with them. Of course I'm nervous to ride with a club for 2 reasons: 1) I've never done it before, and 2) I'm pretty out of "bike shape". But I've done a tri before and I'm sure you can work up to the distance just like with running. I get nervous to work out with clubs, but it's also something new to try! I'm trying to be more open to new experiences when it comes to working out. My experience is pretty limited when it comes to stuff like this, which I think is why I tend to shy away from it. But it might be just the support group I need to keep me going!

I have to admit- my bike IS quite a beauty. Maybe I'll take a pic of it soon and post it. I was beaming when I left Jax because not only did the guy that worked on it gush about it's beautifulness, but some dude offered to buy it off me. AND I'm going to start riding it again- maybe with a club! It's been too long! Why did I wait so long? Ahh...blessed day.



  1. Glad your bike is the cat's meow in CA! Out here, road bikes are the typical bike used although mountain bikes are pretty common, too. Pittsburgh area is pretty bike friendly--and, of course, I live in a fairly rural area.
    (20 miles south of Pgh.)

    Hang on to your seat--I'm about to surprise you: I ride a bike too--but it is a nice big motorcycle. :) Surprised? chuckle. typical to do 100mile days. lol. I know your mouth is hanging open. Sam and I road thru the Smokey Mountains a few years ago...

    As far as feeling like the body is in revolt. Yep, I sure know that feeling. My guess is that you're right--it is recovering from the w/e. It'll get okay as soon as all of your chemicals are evebed out. :) They may still be a little dazed and confused right now.

    Otherwise knows as biker chick. LOL

  2. I agree with you, in that you just have to push through your body's rebellion. :)

    And I'm so excited about your bike. If you lived here we could totally ride together which would be awesome. Take a pic of it for sure!

    Have fun!!!

  3. Good job on the bike. I recently took mine in to get the same once-over ("And see if you can knock off some of those spider webs.")

    The funny thing was that I was in this serious bike shop and they had a wall of those crazy bike-riding outfits so I asked the dude: "It's been a while since I actually rode my bike. Is it mandatory that I dress up like a clown now?"

    Good news. You can still wear whatever you want...