Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do not test my politeness.

This week is NOT turning out to be the week I'd hoped for. I've been slammed at work and working late hours (which means I haven't been making it to the gym; 2 out of 4 days so far). I've been waiting to get paid (which means I'm waiting to go grocery shopping). But it's only half way through the weigh week for me and there is still time to turn things around! And I definitely need to turn this week around. Today was especially bad. Usually I give myself a little extra room on Monday and Tuesday because it's the beginning of the week. Today my boss unexpectedly took me to lunch; then after work I had to run straight to a service thing I'm doing for this older couple at my church. Of course they gave me a piece of cake and since I hadn't had dinner- I scarfed it down. THEN I came home and my roommate and her date came home with Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk. One carton for each of us. Her date finished his whole carton. The roomie and I ate half of ours. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! What is happening to me? I'm rolling around with the worst stomach ache. Tomorrow is a new day though...right?



  1. Yep..tomorrow is a new day..make it count. :)

  2. Awww, tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow... Go, fresh start!

    Love ya, Diz :D.


  3. I keep granola bars and small bags of raw almonds in my car for just those kinds of emergencies (which really aren't all that rare when you think about it).

    As for the cake and ice cream, you just need to learn to flex your "no thanks" muscle. It gets stronger the more you use it!

  4. One of my co-workers surprised 2 of us with giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from a sandwich shop. These are the BEST oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. I knew it was likely bad for me, but I went ahead & ate the whole thing. 10 WW pts later, I felt miserable.