Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make it hot as Las Vegas weather..

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I try to make it to yoga at my gym to help me keep my body stretched out and flexible- but this morning I missed. It wasn't cause I wanted to skip, the problem was I didn't have a yoga mat. Before we moved, I just used my roommates embarrassing but convenient Victoria Secret yoga mat- but since I no longer live with her- I haven't had one to take with me (and I've been busy and kept missing the class anyway). So I headed out early this morning to get a mat but the place I went to was closed and by the time I found one I ended up missing my class. I did however, pick up a schedule for a local yoga studio to see what kind of classes they offered while I was out and about. My roommate is huge into yoga and is an instructor, but I haven't committed to any yoga studio's around here because I don't really like spending tons of money on yoga. So usually I just do the class at the gym- while it's not as nice and as beautiful as the studios around here, it works for me. Plus I hate/love yoga- so getting me to go on a regular basis is hard anyway. Well, turns out this place I checked out is having a special- 20 days of hot yoga for $20. This is such a great deal! I really want to do it- so I texted Marty to see if he'll do it with me when he gets back. I figure if we start on Monday and do Mon-Sat for 3 weeks, we'll get some good solid results. The class I want to hit is at 6 am and it's going to be tough for us to make it happen, but i think we can do it. If we do it for the next three weeks, By December 1 we should be finished. I wonder how much it will affect my weight loss...

Of course I intend to continue to run and lift weights. I was thinking about this on my run today and I realized that last week I only really did one day of hard work out. The other two days that I actually "worked out" I only did cardio for 20-30 minutes both times. If I would've been more consistent last week I think I could've maintained or even lost weight despite my eating frenzy. Working out is so important while you're trying to lose weight! It's important regardless, but it's especially important during the weight loss phase. During my last weight watchers meeting my leader read off a list of reasons why working out is so important- I'm going to try to re-write that list for you right now. Here goes:

Regular exercise can...
Help you lose weight, especially fat
2. Improve your physical appearance
3. Increase your level of muscular strength and endurance
4. Maintain your resting metabolic rate to prevent weight gain
5. Increase your stamina and ability to do continuous work
6. Improve fitness levels, or your body's ability to use oxygen
7. Provide protection against injury
8. Improve your balance and co-ordination
9. Increase bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis
10. Lower resting heart rate and blood pressure
11. Lower Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight to height ratio
12. Reduce triglycerides, bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL)
13. Enhance sexual desire and performance
14. Reduce heart disease risk and stroke
15. Reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer
16. Increase insulin sensitivity, preventing type 2 diabetes
17. Reduce anxiety and help with stress management
18. Improve function of the immune system
19. Improve your self-esteem and
restores confidence
20. Help you sleep better, relax, and improve mood
21. Increases skin tone
22. Gives you more energy
23. Increases prolonged independence for older individuals
24. Regulates your body's waste management system
25. Improves intellectual capacity
26. Reduces back aches
27. Helps with pain tolerance
28. Makes pregnancy and childbirth easier; helps ease PMS symptoms as well
29. Increases immune system functionality
30. Because it's good for you!

Ok- now get out there and work it out!! Have a great day!



  1. OMG I needed to see this right now! Thanks Diz! :)

  2. You are dead on, D. The body can compensate for fewer calories, but it simply has no defense when you exercise regularly. It's the successful weight-loser's secret weapon!

  3. I need to get back on my regular work out pattern... I have been yo-yoing when it comes to working out... look at you though! I see you have been losing! I cant wait to get to 152!

  4. That list made me feel depressed!