Monday, November 30, 2009

No Weigh.

Oooh! I'm scared to weigh in tomorrow. I didn't work out again today. I didn't work out yesterday. We had an all day training at work today which included snacks and treats and Olive Garden catering for lunch. Well...I did ok. I only drank water. Stayed away from snacks/treats- had a few pieces of cantaloupe and tried to watch portion control on the cheese ravioli from OG. I don't feel great about the day, but I don't feel horrible either.

I may wait a day to weigh in, just for piece of mind. I've had about 3 bad days in a row, can't I have at least one good day before I confess to the scale gods? :)



  1. Aww, Diz. A wise woman once said that when you've messed up--face the scale & weigh-in so you can put it behind you and start fresh! Unless you downed a lot of salt today, I'd say go for it tomorrow. Get it done and move on. Deb

  2. I completely agree with Deb. You know this is the day so you have to do that in order to stay accountable. Face the music...good or bad, you can move forward to weigh in babe..