Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Savasana: Corpse Pose

Yesterday I started the 20 days of Hot Yoga that I've been blogging about off and on. I was nervous to go because it was my first time doing Bikram Yoga, but I finally just decided that if I was really going to do this, I was just going to have to suck it up and go.

Well...if was different than what I'm used to while "working out". I didn't do any cardio or anything else yesterday because I wanted to give myself some time to acclimate. My original intentions were to just do yoga for a week to see how that affects me physically. Will I lose more weight than normal? Will I lose less? I wasn't sure. So I wanted to test for myself to see. But then I remembered that this week is "Death week"; I have to get under that dreaded 150 that I've been stuck at for EVER, and this week it's going to happen! Which means there are no limits to the things I need to do to make sure I get under 150. Which means that I'm adding cardio in this week. If things go well, maybe I'll add weights next week (it's always next week). It sounds like it's going to be a super intense week- and I assure you, it will be.

Well, in order to stay on this new track, I went to bed super early last night so that I could get up and hit the 6 am Yoga class. Right after Marty and I had plans to go for a bike ride. I was so excited! I would be done with my yoga AND a workout by 9 am this morning. Well...oddly I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep. I was awake in my bed for 2 hours. UGHHHHHH! I don't know why this happened- I used to have this problem a lot but since I work out regularly now I usually don't wake up anymore. I started panicking at about 5:30 this morning because I couldn't decide if I should just get up and go to Yoga, having slept for about 4 hours last night, or if I should just sleep and go on the bike ride with Marty. I chose sleep. We have plans to go to a David Archuleta concert tonight and I didn't want to be so wiped I couldn't enjoy the concert. Then at 7:30, when I got up (Marty and I were meeting at 7:45), I saw that Marty had texted to skip the bike ride. Silly guy! Don't worry, I went right back to sleep. I was so tired! :( The bad news is, I still have to get cardio AND yoga in today. It's going to be a loooonnnng day. The other bad news is, I still haven't gotten the tickets for the concert tonight. I don't think we're going anymore (which is actually probably pretty good cause it gives me more time to workout.)

The other good news (besides the fact that I WILL be under 1 freaking 50 this week)? Last night I was super stressed about some news I got earlier in the day- so I went over to Marty's to have a mini freak out. A few minutes after my vent- he was like- "Do you need me to make you one of my milkshakes?" (His milkshakes are amazing). I said, "no...maybe just a backscratch for 10 minutes instead?" He smiled. I turned down the milkshake! I'm so proud of myself and happy with the results. :)

Ok- have a great day, I have work to do!



  1. You are amazing, Diz! That '50' doesn't have a chance against you, fierce girl! I'm rootin for ya! Woohoo!

    Congrats on turning down the milkshake, too, especially since you were stressed to begin with--major victory that. :D

    Onward and forward!

  2. I HATE when I can't sleep and then it throws off your whole day and totally messes up your workout plans. UGH! That happened to me today. I was so exhausted from not sleeping great last night that I just couldn't make myself go to the gym today. So I decided to just do 6 sets of push ups (chest day today) and call it a day. Well I ended up doing that, plus 4 sets of dips, plus 4 sets of chest flies, PLUS 20 minutes of interval jump roping. YAY! Guess I should skip the gym more often. Haha! Anyway, I am so jealous you are doing hot yoga. I so want to get into it! What is your experience with it?
    As far as your weight goes, STAY POSITIVE and KNOW that you will get below 150 this week. You will and can do it! And look at you for turning down a shake! I'm so proud of you D! You are encouraging me. YAY! Keep it up sista! I heart you!