Tuesday, January 12, 2010

9 Day.

Blah Blah. Diet. Blah Blah. Busy. Blah Blah. Bored. Not with the diet, I'm on a rampage. But with other things.

I still haven't written down my goals/resolutions for the New Year. I'm sure you're thinking, "SLACKER!"; and you're right. Part of the reason I haven't written them out is because I haven't fully formulated them to the point of pen. The other reason is because I really want them to be solid resolutions that I'm motivated to work towards. So...I guess I'll just keep thinking about them, and letting them roll around in the back of my head for awhile before I finally bring them to the forefront and discuss them. Wait, isn't that what I'm doing right now? WOOT. Go me.

One thing my mom is doing this year that I really liked is 500 acts of service. I know, it sounds insane. But they can be small acts, performed everyday at work, at home, at the gym. I think doing acts of service, or random acts of kindness, whatever, really helps people to step outside themselves. Studies show that people who regularly engage in acts of service are healthier and happier than people who don't. And I care about my fellowman, dang it. 500 acts though? That's dedication! Maybe I should blog them to record them. What do you guys think?

I also want to save a certain amount of money this year and get myself out of debt completely, except for my car payment. My car will be totally paid off in 2011 anyway, so I figure it's the one thing I don't really have to worry about that much (as far as paying it off). I just don't think it will be possible to pay off everything INCLUDING the car. And I have to be realistic; AND I'm trying to save too. I have a hefty savings amount I'm hoping to achieve. I also have a shopping problem...so we'll see what really happens. :)

As far as the diet goes...of course I want to make and keep goal this year. Have I officially written it out yet? No. For some reason, I'm scared to admit my goal. What does this mean? Do you think it means I don't think I can do it? For some reason, this year I don't think that. I've lost 15 pounds...which really thrills me. While I know many, many women lose more than that, for me it has been a huge ordeal to gain it, so it's been twice as pleasing to lose it again. Plus, for awhile there, I wasn't sure if I could do it. I've never had to lose "that much" before. And one thing I've learned...is that every pound counts. 1 pound turns into 2, which turns into 4, which can eventually turn into 15 soon to be 16. :) I totally believe in myself that I can lose another 10-15 if I want to. So why the hesitation to write it out and actually say "a number"? Maybe I'm not ready yet. I feel like once I write out "a number", I've committed to that number and I have to actually get there. What if I can't? What if...this whole "realization" is so interesting to me...something I'm going to have to think about more.

Anyway- quick rendition of today- it was a hellish day which involved a lot of driving, a ridiculously early appointment, a lunch with a friend which included too much pizza and diet pepsi, and no workout. But tomorrow will be GREAT!

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  1. DiZ, Wow, wow, wow. Between you and Kenz, I've started this morning with tears in my eyes, a commitment to exercise every day, and renewed zeal to eat well and save money! How much can one 60 year old woman stand! hahaha.

    Seriously, both of you seem to have turned a corner in your posts. Don't know what has happened--but sure hope I catch it.

    Hears a thought on your "number problem." Picking a solid goal weight is hard. A weight that was perfect for you five years ago, may not be now since your body has changed over the years. There's just no way to know that till you get there.

    So, you could pick a PRELIMINARY weight. One that is maybe 5 pounds higher than you're hoping to hit. Decide to figure out what is a best weight for you when you get to that preliminary number. That way you'll have a "working number" to move towards w/out the concern of putting something in writing that may not be right. Just a thought--and what I did.

    ok. LOVED this post! Loved your deep thinking--seriiously--loved it. Thanks.