Monday, January 25, 2010

At least I didn't really gain...

Well...WW weigh in was today. I was tempted to wait until tomorrow to go, because last week I weighed in on Tuesday (I was too busy pigging out on Monday to go), but alas I made myself go today and get it over with. Up .2. I'm not mad about it, because that's really nothing. I could've peed that out, if they'd let me go pee first. AND I did basically fall off the wagon Sat night and stayed off through Sunday. So I'm thankful that all that hard work last week resulted in a NON gain. I was thinking about it, and I haven't always been so lucky.

However, I'm getting tired of slow weight loss. I would also like to kick my own ass into gear. I feel like I go through these cycles all the time. I stall about every 10 pounds or so for a few weeks, and here I am again. It's taken me months to lose this 15 pounds. MONTHS. Usually I have the attitude of - long as it's off. But today I'm feeling impatient. Today I want to be at the end, and I'm only about half way there. I don't want to wait more months. I don't stall because of plateaus- I burn out. And I'm tired of burn out tonight.

On a lighter note- I was REALLY good today. I ate within my points- healthy meals. I worked out hard. I'm hopeful. I'm impatient, but I'm hopeful. I tried to make some goals. I really want to lose 7 more pounds before my doctor's appt in MARCH. Then I will have lost 20 pounds from the last weigh in at his office, so I'm shooting hard for that. Last time I saw him, I lost 6 pounds, and that was really exciting to me at the time. I think, 7 pounds by March is feasible. I can do this. I will do this.



  1. Yay! Think about how happy you are that you ate well today, and do it again tomorrow. You can do this Diz! xoxoxo

  2. Keep on truckin, girlfriend, keep on truckin. Deb