Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6- back on the move my pity party is finally over! Yesssssss!

Kicked it hard at the gym this morning. It felt good! Half way through my stairmaster routine I got a little winded and wanted to get off. I was sitting there having an internal argument with myself about it when something happened. I was reading a new book I picked up at Barnes and Noble this week, and this just HAPPENED to be the question that came up at that exact moment (I bargained with myself that I would at least finish the chapter before I got off the machine). The book had several blank lines and each line said 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004...etc The author said to write out your biggest accomplishment on each line for that year. Of course, I was at the gym, so I didn't do this, but I tried to at least think of each major accomplishment that I've had over the last five years. I graduated from college. I moved to California. I landed a super sweet job that pays me well and that I love. I've lost 13 pounds. I've paid off half my debt. And except for the graduating college one- I've done all of those in the last year and a half. There are obviously a few more that I haven't listed here, but you get the idea. Now, the next thing the author said to do was to circle the ones that I've had control over, or at least some control over. Of course, all of those I would've circled. Then he used this example to show the reader that we ARE in control of our destinies. All of the great things that happen to us, happen to us because we MAKE them happen. Think about your life over the last five years. What major accomplishments have you had? If you were to circle yours, wouldn't the majority of them be ones that you circled? Even if there were one or two that "just happened", the majority of them would be ones that you had control over, and you made happen.

Well, of course, this is all I needed to read in order to stay on the stairmaster for the full hour! On my way home, I realized that my girlfriend's bachelorette party in Vegas is in 3 short weeks, and I was so thankful yet again that I made myself stay on that stairmaster. The rampage is on. 3 weeks is perfect because it's just enough to lose at least 5 more pounds, but it's not so far out that you get tired of going full blast towards your goal. Starting on Monday, it's 'balls to the wall' for me. :)

Also, I've decided to post some pictures. I came home from the gym and took photos for several reasons. #1 I'm doing a BL challenge with some other ladies and I need proof of the weight I'm going to lose (and who doesn't want to see it anyway?). Second, I've posted some older pictures so we can see how far I've come and be motivated to keep going. Yay! So enjoy the pics!


This is when I finally decided I needed to get with the program and drop the 25 lbs I gained. Weighed in at 162 here. Don't have an exact date...but this was May of 2008. You can't really tell from these pictures, but I was full on filling out the whole shirt. And my face was so fat! UGH.

This is me today. 147.8 lbs at W
W last Monday. As you can see, not a big difference. My boobs look smaller... :)
(setting up the camera. Haha!)


  1. Oh, Diz! You are just beautiful! So glad you included the close up of your pretty face!

    And, you know, I DO see a big difference in your before and current pics. What fun! I want to look like you do now--actually, I'd be more than thrilled to look like your befores. haha. really. :}

    Glad you're back in full-gear! And--in a few hours your time, it will be only 89 days till spring!

    :D Deb

  2. 89 days! Yikes! I can't believe it. Need to kick into full throttle on Rampage. Can't wait for Monday!

  3. DIZ!! I had a typo!!! It is 69 SIXTY-nine days until spring! Deb