Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5...not alive.

This day did NOT turn out as I'd planned and hoped.

The first major malfunction is that my friend from out of town and I ended up staying up with another friend last night til about 2 am. Well, I had to get up and go to work this morning...which means I didn't get enough sleep last night. Have I ever mentioned I'm worthless when I'm tired? even though I haven't eaten terribly, I can't seem to make it to the gym.

The 2nd major malfunction is that I'm feeling unmotivated since weigh-in is Monday and I feel like I blew this week. I know there's still time; and I know (logically) that each day should count unto itself...and overall I should be looking at the picture as a whole instead of weekly. But it's Friday night, I just got off work, I'm tired, and this week has been crappy anyway.

Plus my friend from out of town left a gallon of Americone Ben and Jerry's Ice cream in my freezer. Yep...believe it.

So there's my excuse.



  1. Awww. Hang tough, fieerce girl!

    I feel for you, tho. Tough week, disappointments in how you handled 'your plan' and ICE CREAM in the house. What a dangerous combination.

    Maybe you could reclaim your power by throwing the ice cream in the garbage! One strike for freedom! :D

    Or start over tomorrow, if this is too late...

    Love ya, fierce girl!


  2. Throw out the ice cream and resign yourself to being the person you want to be starting at this very moment. No excuses, Diz. Fight for what you want...go for it babe!