Sunday, February 21, 2010


Every Sunday I get this urge to just do something. It's probably because I go to church, come home, and sit around all day. It's not my normal week day, if you will. The problem is, I'm still not sure what this "something" is. If I had a secret lover, this would be the time I would go and see him. He would kiss and caress my body lightly, teasingly from my toes to my head...sigh...

Alas, there is no secret lover. In fact, there is no lover period.

I'm bored ladies and gentlemen. Bored with my non existent love life. While it seems to be more productive for my healthier lifestyle (healthier because I don't go on dates that include dinner...hence don't overeat)...I'm bored. How do I get out there and meet a quality man? Don't say bars; I don't drink and watching men fall into a stupor and say ridiculous things while grabbing my ass doesn't work for me. I know it's cause they're drunk and they don't act like that sober, but who wants that? I can't "look the other way" until they sober up. Please don't say online either. Tried that. Oh, the stories I have. Maybe next time I don't feel like writing about dieting, I'll tell you one of these stories. They're hilarious, classic, and downright amazing. My sister met her husband online and I'm telling you, it can work. But it's not for me. I need to meet someone in person and see what kind of chemistry we have. I like to look into someone's eyes. I like to watch their smile form and fade. I like to have constant and immediate conversation; emailing back and forth can be tedious and extremely frustrating when you're excited about someone. You would think 'church', but it seems the men in my church...or my 'ward' (mormon lingo) specifically, aren't interested in women. Women like me, anyway.

I am starting to think I'm a "girl's girl". Every woman, young and old, tells me I'm cute and precious. I'm so darling. I'm lovely. I'm just so bubbly and enthusiastic on life and fun. I'm just so smart and witty and sharp. While I love it and appreciate all compliments these women give me- men and women are wired differently and what women find "cute and precious", men don't seem to find sexy. And I don't want to get stuck in this "girl's girl" category. While I love my women friends and love the bonds and connections we make, I need a man. A real live man. A grown man who is responsible and handle's his business.




  1. Oh girlfriend, I hear ya, I'm in shitville, north carolina and I'm am shit bored. I got an idea, hop on a plane and come see me.. you can stay as long as you like and we'll be bored together lol. There are no men here from what I can tell but I wish I could set you up with a best bud of mine, unfortunately he's in About the online dating though my best girl friend is actually getting married to a guy she met online (kicker is he lived 2 blocks away from her the whole time) so its possible but omg does she have the stories to tell about all the "mr wrongs" and "mr crazies" she met first. lol. Keep your chin up though you'll find the right guy, I'm partial to both southern and canadian men..... maybe you just need to travel more *wink wink*
    ps-Thank you for your posts on my blog too baby you're the best!!! xoxo Keri

  2. i feel you, Diz. and i've got a few online hilarious/horrific online date stories, myself. we could set a date on here for everyone to blog about their experiences so we can laugh (and avoid crying) together.

  3. A grown man who is responsible and handles his business..

    Well, my first thought was, "Good luck with that." Chuckle.

    But then, I had a more serious response. Brace yourself. Pretend you're paying for this, it'll go down easier.

    The odds are that the man described above would not immediately attract your interest. You have probably overlooked that kind of man many times. And he has probably overlooked you.

    Men like that are often not found on a ball field or easy to notice in a gym. And they are not looking for a playmate--they are looking for a life partner who is mature and can also handle her own business.

    Men who want to play at life, look for playmates. Men who are ready to live and handle life look for other qualities.

    You're obviously on the right track when you say you don't want to find this guy in bars. That's not where you'll find who you're now looking for. You're not living in that "let's go play" zone anymore.

    That is just some place that you want to visit on occasion. Your home is now more mature and adult and deep and real.

    If you're looking for a real man who can handle his own business--overlook the flashy, fun playmates and pause to consider the less obvious "catches."

    You may be surprised by what a slow, steady, thoughtful survey of the area will turn up.

    Love ya, Diz.

    Your beauty is unfolding every day. The right man is going to love what he sees.


  4. Oh, sweet, bubbly, precious, Diz....

    How ever many millions of times you have heard this old advice, it is absolutely true: you will attract men like crazy when you are busy pursuing your own interests. When men see what they perceive to be a happy, confident woman, they can't get to you fast enough to start messing up your life....

    OK, just partially kidding. Have you looked for a group or a class that regularly meets to do things that you like to do or might want to learn how to do? The activities might not be full of single men, but nothing wrong with making connections with people who could introduce you to Mr. Right.

    How many moms that think you're so darling want to introduce you to their single sons? As long as he doesn't live in her basement....

    Don't look or long for them, and they will come. That's how men are. Seriously.

  5. HEY, DIZ!!!! I JUST SAW THAT YOU LOST A POUIND!!!!!!! WaHoo!!!! Happeeee dance! :D Deb

  6. Go to the bookstore....not kidding..Super cute, tall guys love to hang out and read...I meet some many boys that way...just saying.

  7. Good luck! (I met my DH online :p)

  8. Dizzy you lost a pound??? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! thats awesome girl!!!!!

  9. I hear you loud and clear. I have some of the worst stories ever. And as much as I would love to meet someone - I'm so over the headache of it all. I always think it's funny to look at the - well it could have been worse - scenarios - have you ever read - beware though the one up today is um a little gross.

  10. No I haven't ready it but I'll go check it out now! I love crazy dating stories!

  11. If it makes you feel any better, Im a guys girl and we dont have it any better!!! :)