Thursday, February 25, 2010

Different perspectives.

Well folks, I've been thinking again. Dangerous, I know. :)

One thing that I've been thinking about is my target weight when I'm done. It's such a beautifully torturous thing...isn't it? You can't wait to get there, and yet it constantly haunts you until you ARE there. Ha.

I realized today after reading some posts and having an honest little chat with myself that I haven't been working very hard at this weight loss thing really. I've been huffing and puffing like I'm working hard, but to be honest, I haven't been. I'm not super motivated. I mean, I WANT to be skinny, but other than that, nothing is really pushing me to get there. And we all know how far wishing gets us- not far at all.

So what can I do to change my game? I think I would shift into a higher gear if I could start "seeing" the finished product. The target goal- what would I look like once I get there? I'm talking Visualization people. Visualization.

The problems I've had with Visualization in the past is that I always pick these unrealistic women to "visualize" as myself, and then when I don't get there, I'm frustrated. Or I recognize I'll probably never really get there. Or I'm having a hard time making the connection that THAT could be ME.

However, I do have some thoughts/opinions of what looks good and healthy, vs what's too skinny and unhealthy. So I originally posted pics of what I think looks healthy and good (and what the beauty industry deems "plus size") and what looks unhealthy to me. However, I have to admit, I got this idea from someone else's post and she does such a better job of explaining it than I do, that I've decided to just add a link to her blog and let you look at hers instead. It's a GREAT post. Check it out.

What do you guys think?



  1. Those poor skeletons. How do they even stand up? Nothing attractive about the emaciated look.

    #1 and #2, perfect! I want what they've got!

  2. I dunno, Diz. Since you changed the name of your blog, you've gotten all "thinking" on us.

    hahaha. Way to go, girlfriend, way to go!


  3. Its a domino youve got me thinking! Damn it Diz, what have you started?!? Those plus size models were gorgeous! And I totally relate with your thinking on the "trying but just barely" mentallity. Today, as I ate a cookie that had frosting on the top of it(best cookie ever, by the way) I was thinking to myself "I have lost sight of my goal" Time to blog. Thanks lady for the kick in the ass! :)

  4. Just got back from a walk and I feel much better. Im giving you a long distance high five for putting down the M&Ms! Lol. I didnt know your post would have that effect on me either, but Im so grateful it did. Thanks Diz, you kicked me in my ass from across the state! You are worth the effort darling, so lets get to this!

  5. Hey,Diz. I was thinking... hahaha I guess that's going around.

    Instead of trying to visualize how you actually want to look, perhaps you could be a little more abstract with your visualization of you at your goal weight.

    Remember my leaping, joyful in the rain pic?
    That is my visualization of being at goal weight--healthy and fit and free!

    Maybe a picture that SYMBOLIZES what being at a healthy, fit goal weight means to you. It could be an activity, a thing, people doing something, art... most anything that when you look at it, you get that "I am fit and at a healthy, beautiful weight" feeling.

    Might be easier than trying to predict what your body will look like at a particular number of pounds.

    Just a thought. thought.... hahaha


  6. I agree with Deb, pictures are great visuals to have. I have dream bored that has all the things I want in life, happiness, joy, health, love, peace... and so on and so on, I also add the little things I want as they arise, its quite a collage at this point. While I think its so important to dream big I think its equally important to learn to appreciate where we are right now. I'm working on this too, gratitude is part of my "big picture" and I think we need to love who we are as we are before we can begin to make positive changes in our lives. Just a thought.. loves ya!

  7. Deb, Keri- I totally agree. The other day I saw someone else's visualization board and decided I need one too. And Keri, I couldn't agree more about gratitude and helping others (for me). As I keep telling everyone (this was a huge epiphany for me) that weight loss is a series of small steps, not a huge change. Step by step we get there.