Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Another Jumbo Calorie Day, NBD.

Well, today is Wednesday- and I'm starting to think Hump days are my worst days (except for weekends, but I'm trying to conquer those). Last Wednesday I was in Cathedral City blowing points left and right with my co-worker....I ended the day around 39 points and no workout. This week? Not much better. For some reason this morning I was starving and couldn't seem to get full- by the time I finally got a grip on the situation I'd eaten half my points for the day (it was 10:45 am by this time). Looking back on it now, I think I should've eaten a protein. Looking at my tracker (I had oatmeal for breakfast with fruit and milk, and that damn kettlecorn and some grapes for a snack), I was eating straight carbs and I just think after my intense weight lifting session in the gym, my body was ready for some protein to help it stabilize. Of course, this would've been great to figure out in the moment, instead of looking back on it later. But what can you do. I'm learning! Next time I'll know better. Then, out of nowhere my boss decided to treat me to lunch- At FUDDRUCKER'S. All I could think was..."Oh hell. Here we go..."

I decided to let myself just enjoy my lunch instead of beating myself up though, which was new and kind of cool. It wasn't my choice to go to Fuddruckers, but so what? Sometimes you find yourself in these situations. If I had been more motivated, I would've tried to pick something healthy or looked up the menu beforehand. Well, actually I couldn't look it up beforehand because I didn't know where we were going until we were in the car. But still. Yes, the points were horrendous, but I came home and immediately went on a run (It was about 2 hours later since I'd eaten). I ran 6.5 miles to try to counteract the points explosion. I would've run further because at this point I was in the zone but it was dark and I hate running in the dark around here. Interestingly enough...I wasn't hungry for the rest of the night, so I didn't take in any more points at least, which was also good.

Like I mentioned earlier this week- my leader at Weight Watchers talked about the power of positive thinking and gave us ten little star stickers to use when we messed up this week. She explained that we all have bad days, so when we mess up, this week we should just give ourself a little star and forgive ourself immediately and move on. Mistakes happen, but when you're trying to be perfect all the time (and failing), you end up with a bunch of negative self talk and over time that talk will affect your ability to lose weight and feel good about yourself. So I gave myself a star today and let the whole thing go. It was pretty nice actually, to not stress and feel guilty about the whole thing. And this week is, in my mind, a little better than last week because I still managed to go running and reverse 8 of the points that I'd blown to high heaven, which was more than I did last week.

Of course the run was hard. Well, it was hard, but it wasn't. For those of you who read my blog consistently, you know I love running. I haven't really been running much in the last few months though. It's too dark by the time I'm done working so I usually end up in the gym. So it felt really good to stretch my legs and pump myself. was hard because my stomach was full of fatty food. Even though it had been 2 hours, when you eat like that- it just sits there. It takes hours and hours for my body to process that shiz. At one point I thought to myself- this is why when you eat like this (CRAPPY), you don't work out like this (HARD). And when you work out like this, you don't eat like this; Because the two don't compliment each other. I'm glad that I'm starting to feel the difference in my body between eating healthy and working out hard, and eating hard and not working out at all. It's actually quite a huge difference.

Hopefully that's the only star I have to give myself this week.



  1. I just wrote on here & my phone is retarded and it didn't work!

    You are doing such a great job! I'm guilty of thinking the whole day is blown if I make a poor meal choice but I guess it's never to late to start over.
    I really like the idea of the stars representing forgiveness & moving on!

  2. Congrats on jogging 6.5 miles.. To me that seems crazy, I love jogging too but i'm only at 3 miles/day and that seems like a lot to me. I aspire to your level. Ps - love your blog..

  3. Oh, I hope today went well. Day afters are always soooo hard. I think a splurge--if I add guilt to it--fuels the addictive part of eating. Probably if I skipped the regrets, I'd only have the physical BS to deal with.

    I love that: "eating healthily and working out hard v eating hard and not working out at all" thing. hahaha Deb