Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 2: Worse than Day 1?

I feel so pumped right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who make great comments here AND on twitter. I appreciate all the support, it really keeps me going! *Tear!

So let's get down to the day I had (and am still having) today...UGHHHH!!! It was (and still is) so hard! Deb ( made a particularly great comment on my last post that rang soooo true- when you binge or eat like crap one's damn near impossible to get back on track the next day. I'm still trying to mentally understand why this is. My body craves the crap food. Suddenly all health desire and goal weight and all of that goodness is gone and nacho cheese and pizza with desserts galore and fountains of coke and mountain dew is all I want. I think healthy- I think...boring. I think workout- I think...too much effort right now. I EAT healthy I think....I'm still hungry, I need something else to satisfy me. It's a nightmare. But so far today I've made it ok! I'm hovering right on the brink of destruction, but so far haven't crossed over. Which is good.

I'm just starting to get really nervous about my weigh in on Monday. You're probably thinking- what? You still got 3 days- settle down. Let's remember that Sunday is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. It's bound to be a bad situation. Especially when you try to include yesterday's fiasco. And if I were to go in there right now, I would definitely crack, because all will power is gone right now.

I think I need another good workout. Instead I have a bridal shower to go to. I'm praying there are no treats there (and yet I already know...)

Hopefully TOMORROW will be better. Maybe I should switch my weight loss goal for this week to just a weight maintenance goal...and then I can give myself a few more stars and I should be good to go! Ha!



  1. Diz: I've binged all day. Started this afternoon when my daughter brought home Oreos. The worst part is...I'm binging on stuff I don't even like. Just eating to be eating. I'd kill for a steak! I shoulda just broke down and bought a big 'ol steak! Then, at least all these points I've wasted would have been on something to satisfy a craving. *sigh*. I hate feeling this way. I keep thinking I should excercise, but I have no drive to get started. I wish I could encourage you. Get right back at it. That's all I know to say to you. Just get back at it. You deserve to meet your goal. ~ Cheri

  2. temptations every hard, we know what to do and how to do it but we have a hard time staying on track with the crap food sitting around. I find if I get a mind set and a plan in my head of what I am going to eat BEFORE I go to the temptation place I do much better. Also, if I take it one meal @ a time instead of one day @ a time it's a little better! ;-)

  3. Cheri: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!! You deserve to meet your goal as much as I do. Let's do it!

    meandmygizmo: You're so right! I have to plan AND pop a piece of gum in my mouth before I go to the place of temptation. But I must plan, you're right! Thanks for the reminder- I needed it right before the weekend!