Saturday, February 13, 2010

Send in the clown.

Just got back from "the death workout". It wasn't a workout. It was an assessment. Basically he had me warm up, do as many pushups as I could, do as many sit ups as I could in one minute's time, and then do 5 sets of dead lifts. We set another appt for Monday to do a "real workout". He seems cool enough (the trainer)...I'm VERRRRY skeptical when it comes to trainers because I had a really good one when I lived in SLC and was training for my triathlon, so now I know what I'm looking for. I'm not really sure how much I'm convinced of his training skills just yet. He seems like a new trainer to me still. But he says he has been a trainer for 4+ years, he's just new to Crossfit (about 4 months), so we'll see. He said I did pretty good for my assessment- I did 26 pushups and 32 sit ups in one minute...I hope that I faired at least average. My weight lifting was a little below average; most people start out lifting their own body weight and I was only lifting about 115 pounds. But doing proper form was so hard! Hahaha...I don't care that much to tell you the truth.

My body fat was 22%, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to go (to find out what my body fat was). My friend Kendall's body fat was about 18%, but she's way less active than I am. It's funny how different our bodies are! Even her frame is so much smaller than mine, and I thought I had a pretty petite frame. Just another good reminder NOT to compare yourself to others because, as my dad once said, you will always find someone who is smaller, prettier, richer, etc. He said, "Diz, there will always be someone who is richer, smarter, more beautiful, skinnier. And you will always be richer, smarter, more beautiful, and skinnier than someone else. So quit comparing yourself all the time." It is so true.

I was guessing before the final analysis that my body fat would be between 25-27%, so I was happy to see it further down than that. I'm just a cushy girl! Very cushy...GREAT for snuggling and cuddling, not so great for swimsuit modeling. I don't think I've ever been below 20% so it will be interesting to see what happens...of course he wouldn't talk rates with me this time around so we'll have to see just how far we get together...because if he costs more than the kickboxing gym around the corner, it ain't gonna happen. Another reason I'm skeptical (price. If it wasn't bad, why wouldn't he just say it?) I didn't sign up for the kickboxing gym and it was $90/month. I have a deal with myself that I can join no specialty gyms (so no yoga, kickboxing..and probably crossfit) until I've paid off all of my credit cards except one. I was set to have them all paid off by March but after my little shopping extravaganza at the GAP this week...Let's just say I'll be pushing that back another month!

Other than that, this day has been pretty good. The period started but it's been a breeze today. No cramps, the assessment didn't even phase me. I've only had about 1/2 my points today and I'm not really hungry...I think it's because I didn't do my normal workout routine so I'm just not burning the calories like I normally would. But I plan on eating a healthy dinner and then the roomie and I are headed up to LA for dancing and mingling, so I should still have a good day by the time it's all over.

I'm wearing red lipstick right now. It looks weird on my face, but kinda cute. I figured I'd try something new since I LOVE wearing my lips plain or nude with just a bit of gloss. But I read in a magazine this morning while getting my hair done that nude or plain lips are out and bold colors are in right now, so I figured I'd give it a shot. The last time I wore bold lipstick was in HIGH SCHOOL! Haha! Hey, it's in right now! I've got to be on top of the latest trends! I have to keep reminding myself it's "BOLD"...not "CLOWN-ISH". :)

Ok friends- Happy Saturday night!



  1. lol @ the post title!! and my mom used to give me the whole "there will always be someone more/less x" ALL the live-long day! somehow, it's comforting!
    have an awesome night!!!

  2. So glad the assessment went well. Hope you had a great time tonight! Deb

  3. Rock those red lips girl, Christina Aguilera style. Maybe you'll get to put them to use on a cute boy. I can't believe you can just swing up to LA for a night out.. soooo jealous. Hope you're having a wonderful Vday

  4. Is that a typical thing with trainers... that they don't tell you their fees? How strange!

    Sounds like it's going well!!!!! Congrats!

  5. Toni- I cancelled the 2nd appt with him cause I'm so annoyed I don't know prices (and I went to Catalina for the day...way more important. :))