Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not all brown is created equal.

Well, it was bound to happen. I mean, it IS Valentine's Day, right?

Between yesterday's non-workout with the crossfit trainer, and today's binge on chocolate that was handed out freely at church, I'm starting to get a little concerned. I mean, Sundays are becoming a straight HAZARD. Since when did I have to put my guard up in the Lord's house? Laugh all you want, but I'm starting to realize that our house of worship here in Orange County needs to be more like a house of caution for me. It's a danger Zone!

Today when Sunday school was over and I walked outside, I suddenly had to stop, put my face up, and just close my eyes to enjoy the warm sun on my face. It is literally the perfect day today here in So Cal. Beautiful warm weather (I'm guessing mid 70's?), sun shining; I don't know if it gets any better than days like this. Anyway, I was enjoying the warmth on my face when I opened my eyes to see three tables set up in a U shape in the parking lot, and people were milling about. Something was happening, I wasn't quite sure what. Little children were running everywhere, laughing gleefully and chasing each other with some kind of sticks. I stepped closer. I should've run the opposite way. But no no, I wanted to examine what was on the tables...and behold...a chocolate fountain poureth over.

What happened next remains a blur...I vaguely remember grabbing a little snack paper plate and loading it with fresh strawberries and pineapples. Then I found lady fingers and pretzles. Then, Marty found me and loaded some cream puffs and chocolate covered cheesecake bites (someone had freshly dipped cheesecake in the fountain) on my plate. I too, was laughing gleefully and running from table to table like the crazed children. People were trying to talk to me; I was trying to stuff my face. Marshmallows, cream puffs, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, fruit, cheesecake, some kind of banana bread (or something similar) cut up into bite sized squares, gummy bears, cinnamon bears, whip cream, graham crackers, caramels, apples, nuts, you name it- it was there. Not to mention I took 3 of the little snicker bites and little dove chocolate hearts that were being passed around earlier during class. I didn't eat those (thank heaven); but I took them and saved them in my purse for later. JUST IN CASE I needed them later. Addicted much? Hmmmm....

What is it about free food and TREATS that just send me into a spiral?

And then to make the day PERFECT, I came home and the toilet overflowed on me. No warning, I didn't even know it was happening. It was sick. I was trying not to cry and/or puke while I cleaned it up. I have NEVER had a toilet spill over onto the floor and just keep going...but don't worry, that's what it did. IT also produced a lovely smell that made all of that chocolate just begin churning and churning in my belly. The colors too, that were coming out of the toilet were just lovely. I had to bleach everything down, take a shower myself, and have the landlord send over a plumber, because for some reason, it just wouldn't flush. I kept plunging and plunging, and the landlord kept plunging, and all we found was that it just wasn't going to give us what we wanted. We had to have one hand on the water valve, and one hand in the back of the toilet on the water pump, to keep it from doing the whole thing again while we tested it a few times. SICKKKKKKKK!

Happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully yours wasn't as big of an adventure as mine!!! :) Or if it was, it was the fun kind of adventure we all look forward to instead.



  1. Diz! you are hilarious! "Since when did i have to put my guard up in the Lord's house?" LOLOL. and i feel the same way, what with two or three church dinners a month.
    but i'm glad you had a beautiful, warm day and stopped to enjoy it. what perspective we can gain when we slow down and focus on the majesty of our surroundings, especially when trying to eat right (and being mad about it, like i can be, especially when standing in front of a table of desserts).
    and don't beat yourself up about what happened when you opened your eyes! you know you're gonna make it happen this week!
    and my deepest sympathy to you on the toilet situation. may it be FOREVER resolved!

    happy vday!!!

  2. omg your post just about killed me.. now all I can think about is eating everything you just mentioned. lol. Um gross toilet situation.. haha but totally sounds like something that would happen to me.

  3. Oh hun!! What a day!

    I am glad you liked my 'fat payoff' post. I wonder what yours are?

    Good luck with everything!

  4. Hi Diz,

    I'm new to the weight loss blogosphere--and I'm a lot older than you--but I gained my weight quickly too, so I can relate to your dismay. And be inspired by your success!

    Church functions seem innocent, but they are notoriously loaded with sinful calories. LOL at your description.

    Your dad made a very good point in your previous entry!

  5. Could I have a video of the church chocolate extravaganza, please? It would be a classic! Your description actually sounds like great fun. I have beeh told that there are no calories in food that is eaten on church grounds. :D Let's go with that. ok?


  6. Chocolate in church and an overflowing toilet... sounds like a Valentines Day from Hell.

  7. I'll just wait to gush about my day with you until later. :) Heart you!

  8. LOL
    Dip away :)
    We can inspire each other!

  9. Wow, sounds like you had a wild day!