Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up in the gym, just workin on my fitness!

Ok, this post is going to be really speedy because I'm actually supposed to be leaving the house to go visit a school counselor (for work), and instead I started writing this post. Ha!

Anyway, I went to the gym this morning and was still feeling super pumped after yesterday's triumphs. I took a picture before I left for the gym, just to add some spice to the blog. :) I know I tend to get "wordy", so here's my attempt to balance things out!

Ok, more later guys- have a great day and thank you all for the supportive comments on my last post! I heart you all!!!!



  1. Love the pics, you look great! I think you have the same shelves as me. Ikea?? hahaha

  2. You are just so. unbelievably. adorable! :) But you already know I think that...:)

    Yay...back on a rampage! Woot!

  3. WooooHOOOO, YOUUUU!! Wow! I can see a difference--and I thought you looked great to begin with! You look soooo healthy and thin! And look at that flat midriff!!! yay, You!!! Deb :D

  4. Look at how GREAT you look! I mean... really take a moment and just look... congrats on your rededication - we're working it, girlfriend! :)

  5. I love your new pics! You look great!