Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something new to try.

Well, I was hesitant to tell you guys what I'm about to do, but I guess I'll do it anyway.  After several raving reviews and recommendations, I'm attempting the Fat Flush Diet for 2 weeks.  I'm excited but a little skeptical about it.  I bought the book and have been pouring over it all day today; and i went to Mother's tonight and bought about $60 worth of things I needed to get started.  This diet for sure isn't cheap.  For one thing you need a million different things to get it going, and just the cost of the book alone irritated me ($27).  I know I could've just gotten it at the library, but I went ahead and bought it because the friends that I have that have done it say that it's great to implement anytime you need a quick detox/fat flush; so I figured buying it would be good so I could use it in future endeavors if I wanted to.

But I am excited because I am going home in 2 weeks to see my family and it would be fun to lose 5 more pounds before then.  I didn't go to weight watchers yesterday because I was at a women's conference for church; but I'm not sure I would've gone anyway because I'm so far away from the wagon right now that I don't even know where the wagon OR the trail is.  I've gained about 4 pounds since last Sun, according to my home scale.  So I wasn't really motivated to go weigh in.  I think I will go weigh in tomorrow though because I'm anxious to see how much I lose on the Fat Flush diet.  I'm just really dreading the scale right now.  it's TOM again, (seems I just had this a few weeks ago) and this time it's horrible.  I've got the worst cramps and bloating alive going on (which I think might be part of the 4 pound gain I'm sure...).  Of course I had to buy some ice cream tonight to comfort my aching uterus.

I won't really get into how bad the eating has been the last few days, but I will tell you this much.  I had a date last night and after we left the restaurant this guy told me in the car that he was "impressed" with how much I put down.  Ha.  Thanks guy.  Glad you noticed that I porked down more than you did cause you were busy talking the whole time and I was busy loving my food.



  1. hahaha. He was talking the whole time--you were loving your food. lol. Love it, Diz. chuckle.

    I've heard of the Fat Flush Diet. I may even have the book. I have so many, I lose track...

    It's only for two weeks, I say go for it! Even if it's not balanced (and it may be for all I know) it's only 2 weeks and may be just the jump-restart that you need. I know that if you don't feel well, you have enough sense to call it off.

    you know, I have heard that guys really do appreciate a girl who enjoys her food. :D They just don't like her body to SHOW that she enjoys her food. sigh.


  2. I want to hear more about the date so I'll ping you...;)

  3. Diz, this is hilarious! it's tom for me, too, and i'm hating it. it seems like every time i get really motivated, it's that time of the month.

    i am glad you are always thinking ahead and working out a strategy! i wish you well on the fat flush. be sure and keep us updated. love ya!

  4. Let me know how this diet works for you.. I've tried detox diets before, they are a good jumpstart most times. It might be just the motivation you need, trying something new. Whats up with that guy? lol Not a great thing to say to a girl on a first date.

  5. Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  6. Oh, Diz, that is so funny! How did you meet this guy?

    Supposedly, guys do not like birdie-eater girls because they know it's fake. Maybe he really was impressed (although it doesn't sound like you care).

    I say try the detox diet. Might be the way to get yourself unstuck.