Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm a Fat Flusher.

Well, I was supposed to go to the gym, but given that I have less than 30 minutes until I have to be somewhere, I decided to write my blog post instead.

Today was an interesting day- first day of Fat Flush.  I was actually pretty surprised at how non-hungry I was.  It's one of those diets you take one look at and think...great, I'm going to have to muscle my way through the starvation 'cause everything is so healthy.  But it was actually really great!  My stomach felt great (nothing caused an upset), the meals were delicious and filling... I didn't really even think about food much, except for when it was "time" (3 meals a day + 2 snacks).  I ended up having a few more points than is normally alotted for me; but it was actually my bad.  I accidentally over did it on the oil on my salad and ended up 4 points over.  I did 2 tablespoons instead of 1; just wasn't paying attention.  Anyway, I could've made up for it in exercise but alas, I won't be home until like 10 tonight.  So I'm letting gym go for today.  I'll make up for it tomorrow (in workout).  But I did get everything else in- enough fruits and veggies, enough lean meats, enough calcium (no dairy right now, but making up for it in other ways), enough was great!  I'm pretty happy; it looks as though normally I will be right in my range of points, which makes me happy.

Here's the not so happy news: I went to weigh in this morning at Weight Watchers (and I also did my measurements) so that I would know by the end of this flush how much of a difference it really makes...and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty.  I weighed in at 145.2. WHAT?  I knew it would be up, but I was expecting something around the 143 or 144 range at most.  2.8 pounds, so sickening!!!  It's ok though, I will take it back off, hopefully soon.  As a wise personal trainer once said to me- If you put it on quickly, you can take it off quickly.  I guess we'll have to find out how true this is.  :)



  1. Facing the scale is a huge part of the battle. I'm sure you will flush that bit 'o bloat away very quickly. Detox away!

  2. YAY, you! You're doing good, Diz. Courageous, too, to get on tha scale--shows you mean business. Annnndddd--it sounds like Monday was an excellent eating day!!! :D Onward and forward, yahooo! Deb

  3. Yes ma'am you can take that off quickly! I am fully confident in that fact! Next weeks weigh in would be fabulous dah-ling. :) Im looking forward to your posts about the fat flush...I havent heard anything about it before you mentioned it, so Im excited to see how you fare!!! Xo!

  4. sorry to hear about your gain honey but I just know that this flush is going to be exactly what you need to get rid of that little bit and lots more. good luck honey, i'm pulling for you, and keep me posted on hows it going!!