Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vitamin of the Sun.

 I feel like the last few days I haven't really had much to say; I've been in deep contemplation of my life and what I want to change; and how I want to go about changing it.  Not so much a mid life crisis, but a mid life evaluation (at 32...I feel like I'm somewhat close to mid life so I can say this).  So I really don't feel like I've had a lot to offer on my blog lately, which is kind of sad.  Of course weight loss is on the mind's just milling around in the back, doing who knows what, as it always does.

Tonight I STILL feel this way.  However, I recognize I can't write half-assed posts forever; so I'm going to attempt to write something about something and hope you feel somewhat satisfied.

Yesterday I went to see my endocrinologist for the first time in about a year.  I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder at 21 and every year since then I have to go in and do blood work so that doctors can monitor my dosage and my thyroid.  I have a new doctor since I moved to California and he is AWESOME.  The first time I met him was last April.  I was at the height of my weight gain and in a serious depression about it.  I was secretly taking diet pills and they weren't doing ANYTHING for me; and anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am NOT a proponent of pills, unless you are in a dyer situation.  Pills, in my mind, should be a last resort- and for me at the time, they were.  My doctor, wasn't buying my desperation though.  He asked me at the end of our consultation how long I intended to take these pills (I got a prescription from a fat doctor; not hard to find here in So Cal) and I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, "as long as it takes doc."  He frowned, thought for a minute, looked at me again and said, "you understand that these pills are very strong and not meant to be taken for long periods of time."  I nodded.  "You need to stop taking them." He counseled.  "I need to lose weight." I shot back.  He was quiet for a long time before he finally told me that he was going to change my prescription.   At the time I was taking Levoxyl, but he switched me to Cytomel.  Then he gave me a lecture about Vitamin D, and how the lack of it is linked to obesity and weight gain.

I came home and read the research.  I strongly suggest you do the same; in fact, I have included a few links to make it easier for you if you REALLY want to know more.  Here are a few articles I've read that have helped me "see the light" as far as Vitamin D deficiency:

Doctors are finding that when/if people had Vitamin D added into their diets, they lost up to a 1/2 pound more per week than those that didn't.  They also found that those people who took the Vitamin D while dieting lost more belly fat than people who didn't take Vitamin D.  There are also links between a lack of Vitamin D and other health concerns, such as: osteoporosis, depression, heart disease and strokes, diabetes, parathyroid problems and immune functions in women, just to name a few.

I've lost 21 pounds since that first weigh in with my Dr.  He has attributed my weight loss to Vitamin D (I quit taking the diet pills the day I left his office, even though I was scared to death. BTW, I took the diet pills for 5 weeks and lost 3 pounds.  They obviously didn't do anything for me except make me constipated).  Yesterday he gave me a few more articles to read (and he's testing my levels again) because he's such a believer.  I have to say, this time around, I am a believer now too.

I hope you're getting your Vitamin D!  If you're not, try it for a few months and see if it makes a difference for you!  I take 2000 I.U.'s much do you take?



  1. I have been taking vitamin D for about 2 years and yesterday my levels were almost 'normal' for the first time since I lived in the UK.
    It is such an important vitamin!

  2. Great post. Women are also usually lack b12 with totally boosted my energy level.

    I am 32 as well... and I am totally re-evaluated my life right now. It is okay and makes us stronger.

    BTW: Check out my blog so you do not miss out on my giveaway.

  3. Huh. What an informative--and personal--post. Thanks.

    And just how good did that huge weight loss feel at the docs?! Wahoo. Very cool when you see it all at once, huh? :D

    I will check out the Vit D sups.


  4. I didn't event think about vit d in my diet. thanks for the info

  5. thank you so much for the info, Diz. i actually had milk for breakfast for the first time in forever. after reading this post and links, i'm thinking i need to do that every day.
    and you know you always have something to offer on here. many people relate to you and are inspired by your struggle and victory. even if you don't say much, it's another day on this path, and that says a lot!

  6. Interesting, I am checking out the links right now! Great post.

  7. Thats awesome Diz, I think about getting my Vitamin D everytime I run in the sun! I feel the same way as you do about pills, I actually have certain opinions about "ailments" and "disorders" that people think debilate them when really they just need to eat and avoid certain foods. I try keep those opinions to myself because people are very sensitive when it comes to taking their meds and being in pain all the time, but thats whole other discussion. I'm glad you "seen the light" as far as diet pills go... they're really just crap.. eat right, exercise, get some sun!! yay diz!

  8. Thanks for the info! I'm checking into it for sure! Diz is pushing the D. Sounds like a rap song.

    Your recent posts have been good, too. Don't doubt yourself.

  9. It sounds like you do have an AWESOME doctor! If only all doctors took tome to care enough to give more information than just the immediate symptoms!!