Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dang Wagon.

Day 3 of Binge (today): as bad as the first two days of the Binge. Ugh.

The good news is I FINALLY forced myself to go to the gym and after an hour of cardio and a sick ass stomach ache from all the sugar I've been consuming, I finally got back on the wagon.  I'm so grateful that working out kicks me back into gear.  I am going to work hard for the next few days to hopefully see some kind of drop by Saturday (weigh in).  I'm a little nervous cause the scale has been climbing the last few days...I've seen as much as a 5 pound gain with in the last several hours.  Of course, I know most of it's water weight- I can't REALLY gain 5 pounds of fat in 3 days.  But regardless, seeing a drop bigger than a pound is pretty much out the window at this point; I've just missed too many days to do more than that.  That's ok though, I'll take anything I can get after the last 3 days...

Step by step, right?  Here a little, there a little until you reach the top of the hill.

One last quick thought.  I've been thinking a lot about the goals I've been trying to develop this month and this year, and consequently what I've been talking about on this blog.  I want to give you an analogy.  Making goals for your life is like going to the grocery store and making a list.  Let me explain...

If you go to the store and you don't have a list- what happens.  You wander the store.  You end up spending more time in the store than you need to.  You also tend to spend more money than if you had a list.  You could end up buying things you don't really need, while forgetting things you do need.  Now, if you go to the store with a list...what happens?  You're in and out.  You know what you're getting and where to get it.  You get all of the things you need so you can make dinner that week and you don't have to make a second trip.  Making goals will have the same effect in your life like making a grocery list.  You are likely to get to "where you want to go" faster if you know where you're going and what you need to do to get there.  You waste less time wandering around, trying to figure out what you want to do.

So now you know why I am trying to build some realistic goals for my life and job right now.  The other thing I've been thinking is that...maybe I should make fun goals too so that not EVERYTHING is so tedious.  Of course, as I write that, I realize, that's what rewards are for: to make it more appealing to achieve your goals. Right?

What helps you get back on the wagon when you've been booted off?



  1. When I "fall off the wagon" I am (more quickly) able to get back on when I remind myself that one bad meal; one bad day; or even one bad week is not enough to "undo" all of what I accomplished up to then. It would take weeks of neglecting myself to end up back in my original condition ... so, I get right back up as soon as I can. Sidenote: It's amazing how much shorter the recovery time is if you eliminate the "guilt" part.

  2. I stop... try to think why I did that... and move on. No more guilt, no more woe is me. I change my attitude right then and there!

    I like having goals too.

  3. Diz, you are tenacious! i also find that exercise helps me -maybe more than anything- get back in the game. if i'm not moving, i'm just sitting around sulking and feeling guilty.

    and i hate being bloated. if i can "feel" extra gain, it scares me!

    i'm glad you chucked that ice cream.

  4. Sad to say, but misery is usually what does it for me. I have to be miserable enough about being out of control to take a flying leap at that dang wagon.

    Whatever works, right?

  5. Love the analogy gf, iTs so true... especially going back for more when you don't get it the first trip.. You're on the right track, you know what you need to do you have to set it in motion. Remember when you don't feel like doing it do it anyway ;)

  6. Diz,

    Just an observation. You've been binging since about the tiime you said you were going to work on a gols list/plan. Is it making you anxious?


  7. Exercise helps me too. As does reminding myself that the sooner I am back on the less damage I do!