Sunday, March 21, 2010

When one door closes...

Once again, thank you all for the kind words of encouragement; sometimes I feel like I'm writing to read your comments.  :)

So last night I sat down and wrote out a list of things I like to do, in order to help me try to narrow down what I 'could' do with myself.  I've been seriously trying to tackle this.  Of course I believe that sometimes destiny shows up on your doorstep.  Other times though, you have to go out and find it.  So I'm trying.

During my list, I decided that maybe one of the things I could do in the meantime to help me at least be working towards something, is to start yet another blog.  I will not bring this blog to an end by any means.  But another blog will have another focus- I originally wanted it to be similar to a travel blog where I could write my adventures and fun things I'm doing...but as I've thought about it today and researched different blogs, I had to be honest with myself and remember that I don't exactly have the funds or the time to travel.  So maybe I will just whittle it down to 'fun things to do in OC/LA' for starters...and then as money becomes more available and my travels expand, then the blog can also expand to include other places as well.  What do you think?  Would you read a blog like that?

As far as my diet is concerned...well, as you know, I haven't been concerned with it since I've been home.  However, I've been working really hard the last few months to really absorb the changes I've been trying to make as far as eating, so mostly this weekend brought a lot of guilt and un-satisfaction as I've tried to just 'eat whatever'.  Most of the foods I've been eating are straight carbs and sugar.  None of it is filling me up, so I just keep eating.  The one good thing I can say is that no matter what has happened this weekend, I have not had any soda at all.  And I've convinced my sister to try the Fat Flush diet.  My mom wants to try it too, but I don't know if she'll last long on it.  My sister, however, has a will of steel.  So tomorrow we will do one day together before I go home so that she can sample it and see if she likes it.  I will continue to eat healthy and workout when I get home.  Just eating to eat is not fun like it used to be. :)

My mom did say tonight while I was stretching at one point (we were watching some tv) that she could tell I've lost a ton of weight, which of course made me super happy because we are honest in this family and tell each other the truth.  She said it looks as though I've lost at least 5 inches off of my stomach...WOOT!  I AM starting to feel so much more comfortable in my skin and clothes...I can tell I'm getting close to the end of the "weight loss" portion of this journey.  And then I will enter maintenance...a part of the journey I have never really been on before.  It will be exciting and interesting...

Ok friends!  XOXO



  1. yay! That is so awesome that your mom complimented on your hard work! I love the local travel blog! Alot of times there is so much stuff to do locally that alot of people don't even know about! Good for you!

  2. i love that you said that just eating to eat is not fun like it used to be. that is, like, MAJOR progress. i'm guessing that didn't happen overnight? even when your eating is more relaxed, you haven't given up in your mind. WIN!

  3. I'll read anything you write But an OC website sounds like a lot of fun...I love that area so I'll check it everyday. xoxo

  4. Hey, Diz.

    I kind of get the desire to start a second blog--and I kind of don't.

    The thing is that this is YOUR blog. You can write whatever you want. It doesn't have to be strictly weight focused content. Change the title to something more whole life inclusive, then have at it.

    It seems to me that two blogs would be difficult to manage unless they are exceptionally specific--I mean wouldn't you want to talk about some of the same things on both?

    Blogging is about the blogger, after all unless it is one of those that are more technical than personal--like recipe blogs or exercise tips, etc, I think. Would you want that?

    Having said that, I'll read you no matter where you write. :)


  5. I'll follow you whereever you go sister-friend. In this with you forev's (if you'll have me). Did you ever think about just making this blog whatever you want it to be? You don't have to feel confined to only blogging about weightloss. The people that read your blog on here love you for all you are not just because you struggle with your weight. Well at least thats how I feel.. who knows. Maybe a new blog and new look and a fresh start will be just what you need... whatever you decide it will rock because it will be all you!!