Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know what happens on the 4th day..

Oh My Goodness....My life has been SO hectic lately.  For those of you on twitter, you know I've been MIA.  I barely have time to catch up on a few blogs a night; let alone tweet throughout the day.  But it's good- I've been so busy with work and it's been so great.  Busy = Money for me! I don't get paid commission or anything, but as long as I'm working, I get to keep my job and keep moving.  So I say YES to being busy and getting the job done!  I love working. :)

Ok, my diet.  I have had 3.5 perfect days on Fat Flush.  Yes, today I broke; we all knew it was going to happen eventually.  Here's the thing though- I don't feel bad about it.  But I'll get to that in a second.  Let me start with what happened.  I went to the bridal shower totally prepared- had dinner before hand, had my gum in my mouth, came an hour late (so I missed the dinner) because I was actually so busy with work I couldn't get away to make it on time...but someone still got me!  Peer pressure- it's a joke!  I shouldn't have caved, but I did.  Oh well, life happens sometimes...doesn't it?

So here's what happened...I snuck in the back about an hour late and found a seat next to a dear woman in my church.  Well, she made the trifle.  The chocolate trifle.  The heavenly fabulously looking trifle on the table of treats behind me, that I was not making eye contact with.  I've actually been doing so awesome on this diet that after the first 2 days I haven't had any cravings and have gained a lot strength in saying no.  I want to do good on this Fat Flush, you know?  That's a first for me.  But she still got to me.  With my gum in my mouth, I looked at all the desserts on the table and turned back to the beautiful bride- not even an inch of desire in my heart.

"Diz...have you tried the trifle?  I made it.  And my daughter made the cupcakes...which are to. die. for.  You've simply GOT to try one."

"Really?  You made the trifle?  It looks heavenly.  But I'm stuffed. It looks so delish though, you did a fabulous job on it.  Simply gorgeous."

"Oh girl, just try a little bite.  And a strawberry cupcake.  My daughter blew my mind with these cupcakes.  You have to have one.  Here.  And here's some of the trifle.  No no, don't put it down, just give it a little taste."


And with that, I was done.  It was the best friggin trifle I've ever had, seriously.  But here's the thing.  I didn't just "fall off the wagon"...I actually controlled myself (somewhat).  I had one small try of the trifle, and one small cupcake.  And then I sampled the soup and the salad (cause they just looked too good NOT to try, esp since I was off the wagon).  I didn't go ballistic, it was more of sampling tonight.  Yes, most of the weight I've lost so far is only water weight.  But I'll take it!  I don't feel bad.  Plus, I'm feeling super strong- still.  Tomorrow I'm going to get up and get back on the wagon.  Usually at this point I give up until weigh in.  But I'm ready to get back on the wagon tomorrow.  I've been seeing such great results with this Fat Flush that I'm really motivated right now to keep on truckin.  So I had some trifle and a cuppie.  NBD.  I haven't had sugar in 4 days and I've been doing so good, that I'm ok with this little treat of the night.

Speaking of the FF- my body feels so good lately.  I mean, seriously good.  I wake up refreshed and energized in the mornings, I have a ton of energy to work out and do my job, and I'm not tired...until it's time to crash at night.  Of course, I had a bunch of sugar tonight, so I'm not tired now.  But I'm really happy with the way things are going and I hope to keep it up!!  I really hope I can stay strong because I'm starting to think I might make this diet more of my natural eating habit.  If I can do it for the two weeks, and then add in the stuff that's been taken out (occasionally), I think it's a super healthy way to take care of my body and make a permanent eating habit.  The foods are delicious, my body feels great...why not?

Aight- off to bed.  Good luck with the weekend fellow travelers!  I love you all and am TRYING so hard to get to your blogs to catch up!  Loves! xoxo-



  1. Still excited that you're feeling good! And no worries! We'll catch up when you can. xoxoxoxoxo

    Cuppie...I love that using it now...♥

  2. Kenz! I've been waiting for you all night on gchat- you never got on, so I finally logged off and went to bed (Only to get up for one second to make a revision to the post). Please let's catch up soon!!! xoxo

  3. Diz, how awesome is it that you didn't just throw up your hands and eat a ton? TOTAL WIN. go you!

  4. The energy surging from your mind and body because of this program is flying through the Net. I can feel it! You're definitely on to something here. Keep on flushing!

  5. Wahoo! Great job!! Really!!! No one could have resisted that pressure, no one! AND you didn't use it as an excuse to drown yourself in trifle. :D Great, great job!!!! Deb

  6. Hey girl, Food Inc is a documentary about the mass production and engineering of our food. Its quite eye opening... I may have screamed at one point. Worth checking out but just know that it will change the way you look at food.

  7. Go Girl! ThaT TAKES ALOT of will power! just to have a small amount is amazing! And feeling great is awesome to! where did you get this diet? Rooting for ya Go DIZ go!

  8. Hey, Diz! I thought that whole Fat Flush thing looked familiar. I don't seem to have the book,but I DID find a copy of the Fat Flush Cookbook! :D

    I've had it a long time and only vaguely remember it. When I first looked at it--I think because it is the cookbook w/ only a summary of the program--I got pretty overwhelmed with all of the strange (to me) ingredients and the "do nots" as far as food goes.

    I skimmed it a bit just now & it turns out that I have eliminated much of the do nots bit by bit on my own & have unknowingly included several of its recommendations in my diet already.

    A reread seems to be a good idea! Th front of the cookbook summarizes the plan and I'll see what I can make of it.

    If it looks like I might use it, I'll buy the book that actually is meant to describe the program. hahaha. What a concept. chuckle.

    If you get a chance and feel inspired, maybe you could add some details about what the plan involves in your post. Don't sweat if if you don't want to do it, tho.


  9. Deb, I didn't know there was a cookbook! I might need to go find it, thanks for the heads up. I will post a little more about what it entails, although I don't want to post TOO much, just because it's only fair that people should buy the book. But I will talk about it a little soon...