Sunday, March 14, 2010

Late night Post.

I have tried to write this post like- 5 times.  The first attempt was last night, but my date showed up and I had to hurry and slam my laptop closed.  Then this morning I was in the middle of writing a post, and my roommate called and said- meet me at Target right now, and again I had to bail.  Now, at 12:03 am (pre-spring really 1:03 am) I am finally getting to this post.

This really should be a dating blog.

But anyway, let's get back to Fat Flush- shall we?  Guys, I've been doing amazing.  Amazing until tonight anyway.  Tonight wasn't horrific per se, but I went to have Thai food with some friends and I was so excited to eat something I love that I kind of went over board and ate too much.  But I ran six miles today and haven't had a ton to eat today, and I've been doing really really good, so I don't feel bad.  I just wish I hadn't ignored the, "Diz you should stop now" thoughts that were occasionally popping into my head while I was mowing down.  If I would've listened to myself, I wouldn't have gotten so full.  And then the guilt wouldn't have set in. I just don't understand why I don't listen to myself more.  But anyway...

So I've had a request to kind of go into a little more detail about the Fat Flush diet.  I think it's a really great kick off diet, but it isn't for the faint of heart.  It's pretty strict; but if you're into strict (which apparently I am lately), then it's a straight path to thin.  Unfortunately, most of us didn't get to overweight because we were super strong in healthy choices and I right?  But I do think it's a healthy diet and a great starting point or just a great diet in general if you need a change or an extra boost.  I hesitate to say too much because I don't want to get into any issues with publishing and rights, but I can give you a brief synopsis of what the book is about I guess.

Basically the author is a nutritionist that has studied and observed diets and how they work for a long time and their effects on people's bodies over the years, so she knows what she's talking about.  She talks a lot about being healthy and the impact of having a healthy liver when trying to shed excess weight.  If your liver is fatty and sluggish, it can't work at it's full potential, which doesn't help you any.  So the idea is to get your liver fully functional and healthy so that it can do it's job properly and in turn it will speed up weight loss and metabolism.

So what can you do to aid your liver in getting healthy?  Well, first you want to take supplements to help cleanse it out.  If you go to your local health store and research which ones will help your liver clean itself out, that is a great first step.  Try to research healthy detox options for your liver if you can. You will also want to drink a ton of water and NO CAFFEINE.  One thing she touches on in the book is why caffeine is so bad for your body...and I have to say, I was super surprised at what I learned.  I hope I never drink caffeine again- it's really unhealthy for you.  Basically she explains how caffeine is a diuretic and makes you use the ladies room a lot, and when you go pee, you pee out the calcium in your kidneys and blood stream (on caffeine, not normally).  So, then your body is like, wait, I don't have enough calcium, so it pulls calcium from your bones to help it balance itself back out.  That causes your bones to be brittle and deprived of calcium.  That can lead to osteoporosis and other things, which is so bad for you!

So no more caffeine, and supplements to aid your liver.  Then...

For the first phase of the program, she also has you cut out certain foods that slow down your liver as well.  And you focus mostly on healthy, organic foods which are rich in nutrients to help your body perform at it's best.  You cut out sugar; because sugar causes spikes and dips (inconsistencies) in your insulin and where does insulin really affect your body?  You guessed it!  Liver.  Your liver is where your body converts glucose to glycogen so that your body can use it as energy.  If your insulin levels are inconsistent, then your liver has to work overtime to try to get things back on track.  See where I'm going with this?

So she teaches you how to eat to help your liver do it's job.  You're eating super healthy; super clean.  Basically nothing processed.  Nothing.  It's hard- harder than you think to eat only fruits, veggies, lean meats, healthy fats, etc.  It's not just eating these foods, it's eating the right amount of each kind of food so that you're getting everything you need to keep your body in optimal fat burning performance.

Not easy; not for the faint of heart.  But seems to be exactly what I needed to get myself in gear and on with it.

So I've been teetering on the 140 edge since Thursday.  I am super excited.  I should've gone to weigh in today but had a million things to do and didn't.  The only reason I'm nervous now is because i had a big dinner tonight and am supposed to be going over to this guy's house tomorrow night and he's making dinner- ROAST.  I don't want to go; mainly because i won't be able to weigh in on Monday if I go over there.

Well...let's see what happens, shall we?



  1. Very interesting. And don't stress too much about one bad meal choice. When I go out now, I ask for a carry out container and immediately put half of the serving in the box. Then I only eat what is on my plate.

    Good luck at the weigh in.

  2. Awesome post Diz, I love learning about about how foods affects the body. I'm on a research path to discovering which foods to avoid that cause breakouts. I'm so tired of my pimples!! Does your book say anything about that?

  3. Diz can u send me the authors name I would like to do some reading on this.

  4. Hey, Diz! Thanks for the info. I did read the cookbook, so between that and your stuff, I understand. I think I will look into the supplements for the liver detox. sounds like my liver is probably ready for intensive care!

    As far as the cookbook goes, well, it's a little too cosmopolitan for me, I think. But, you might think its fun. The recipes don't seem too involved or hard--for the most part. Except for the ones that involve grinding flax seed. Paleeezze...

    If you want to try some of the recipes, DM me your address on twitter and I'll be glad to mail it out to you. Really, no problem at all.

    It'll be my gift for the new weight decade--130s here you come!


    By the way, you look sooo cute and happy in the picture on your sidebar. I love it.

  5. The Fat Flush is interesting, but tell us more about the guy!! If he can cook, that's a big plus!

  6. edge of 140? that's just amazing, Diz! i'm praying for you. stay strong!