Monday, April 5, 2010

April Goals.

I'm baaaaaaccck!

This morning I got up and thought to myself, "So what?" I need to keep pushing forward, despite the hiccup we'll call the weekend.  Sometimes things happen- sometimes you get overwhelmed.  Doesn't matter, I had to get up this morning and start planning again.  I plan to do better than I've been doing.  Here are the goals for the month of April- in full effect:

1) Lose those damn 5 pounds!
2) Work out at least 5 days a week.  Also, no soda this month. At all.
3) 30 minutes of study/reflection/goal planning every morning to help me stay on track.
4) Go to bed!  No later than midnight every night- shoot for 11 pm.
5) Focus on being happy and finding joy in my life.  This includes focusing more on the things I'm grateful for- so I will write down everyday (either here or in my journal) of things I'm grateful for and things I'm accomplishing in my life.  So everyday I will take 20-30 minutes to reflect on these things. I will also work on not complaining as much.
6) Do 2 acts of service this month.
7) Save!  Try to save all $500 this month (although I know it might not be possible because I have some expenses coming up.  In order to accomplish this, I'm going to have to live within my means this month!)
8) Find a place to live. :)
9) Try something new that I've never done before.
10) Make a new friend.  Nurture that friendship.

Ok, I know there are a lot of goals, and they're lofty.  But I think with the morning planning session, I will be able to do it!  Let's hope so.

Ok folks- I have to get back to work.  I also made work goals that I've not listed here and in order to meet those goals, I have to get to work!



  1. All excellent goals D! Yay for a new month!

  2. All thought-out, written down, and numbered. You're on your way to the conference.

  3. Yay! This is going to be an amazing month! I know you can have all these goals achieved! Your a star! Keep shining!

  4. Well. It seems like I've missed a lot!

    First, congratulations on the .6 pound loss!!! Any loss is a good one!!!

    Second, so sorry about the cookie dough box monster. Those things should not be allowed loose where innocent people can be tortured by them. I had a similar run in with a chocolate bunny. Ears, you know...

    Third, So sorry about your reaction to your hideously thin friends. No one should weigh 150 pounds if they are 6 feet tall--unless, of course, they are making room in preparation to devour cookie dough and chocolate bunny ears.

    Fourth, Welcome back! Lots of goals. Remember improvement not perfection is the aim. Perfectionism is considerred criteria for a number of mental health disorders. We don't want you qualifying for any of those, do we?

    Fifth, You ARE going to hit your goal weight. you are! And congrats, again, on the loss.



  5. I just read ur comment! Yay! for running! The scale is a slow moving sloth! But you can do this!

  6. Those are some awesome goals! Go get 'em. I need to look at my goals again, I stray, I stray, lol.