Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fast Forward

OMG my life just hit the fast lane.  I'm NOT kidding.

So NR is a dream come true.  She is SO fun.  Sunday night we went up to LA to go to a dessert party, I think I mentioned it briefly to you guys (not sure).  We mixed and mingled with the LA crowd, and they're some of my favorite peeps so it's always a blast going up there.  Monday night we celebrated closing the deal on our new apartment. Last night we went bowling with a group of people in Newport (Dan invited us).  We've been meeting guys and working it like crazy!  Tonight we're going to a birthday party and then I have a mini date afterwards with a guy I met last night at bowling.  His name is Allen and he is really cute. :)

NR and I went to the gym yesterday too.  She's on it- we're on it together!  I love having a roommate that wants to go to the gym with me and be healthy.  It just makes it easier to work towards goal, you know?  She always says to me, "Tight and Right baby, tight and right.  We gotta keep a tight ship!" and it's so true! (I think I've quoted this to you before)  We want this summer to be the best summer ever.  She has a bunch of friends coming to crash our place during the conference and I'm pumped.  Then next weekend we move into the new place and then we are going to just start having our own little dessert parties and mingling functions.  I'm just so happy and excited about everything that is happening in my life right now!

Diet is going so so.  I've been cooking and eating healthy where I can, but I've also been splurging a little here and there too.  It's hard because I have no idea how much I weigh, so I have no idea if I'm making progress or not.  It's been almost 2 weeks since I've been on a scale, and last week I only got in one work out day.  So last week was shot (not just because of the work outs but I ate HORRIBLY too).  This week I'm eating better and working out more, but because I have no idea how much I'm weighing, I have no idea if I'm just cycling the same pounds or what.  I guess I'll just have to wait until weigh in and go from there.  I'm still going to try to do my best between now and then, because I'd rather only be up 2 pounds instead of 4 or 5...

Ok friends, sorry to make it so quick but I'm super busy today with work and only had a second to check in. I promise as soon as I have free time I'll be out and about, catching up on blogs and commenting again!  I miss you guys!



  1. I love hearing that you are having fun!
    Best summer ever! Whoo hoo. I will live vicariously through your men adventures - so don't hold out on us.

  2. :D So glad your doing social, fun things--and enjoying it!!!! This whole NR, new apt, may just be a great thing.

    Re: Not knowing how much you weigh. That is certainly an insecure feeling. The scale does helps you to know if your chosen plan is working or not--so it's a helpful tool beyond curiosity. BUT

    Uh-hmm. If you are eating and exercising to be healthy, then just follow the healthy food and exercise plan you already worked out. At this point, your weight # shouldn't have too much bearing on that.

    Saturday is just 3 days away. Hang in there. :) So glad you closed on your new apartment and are having fun.


  3. Yay Diz! I am so excited that life is working so well for you. Right now its a change and you just have to adjust your diet for your new lifestyle! Yay on the work out buddy. It makes it so much easier when you have someone to work out with driving you! I have you guys but to have an actual person would be awesome!

  4. It definitely sounds like you're headed toward an awesome summer, Diz. So glad that you and NR are opening new doors for each other. Anything's possible!

  5. It is so awesome to have people on the same track as us around for support. Support is important! I don't have a workout partner, so I often text my sister in the mornings so I feel like I have a workout group, lol. (she has a group of people that workout together)
    Sounds like you are having fun, that is the way it should be.
    Thanks for the amazing comment on my blog today, I was touched beyond words.

  6. Tight and Right! I love that!! And am borrowing it. Your post is super positive today - awesome!! You'll do fine on Saturday no matter what the outcome...