Friday, April 23, 2010

And it begins...

I tried to go to weight watchers this morning to weigh in early cause I'm starting to get freaked about the weekend.  I was doing so good and then last night I came home around 11 and NR has two girls here from Utah for the conference, and they were all up doing hair and snacking on treats and what do you think happened?  Of course I joined them.  NR's friend did my roots (and I will be FOREVER grateful because they were heinous) and next thing I know, I'm pounding popcorn and honey/peanut butter balls and laughing up a storm with the girls.  Had a few watermelon sour chews, a few strawberry candies (not even sure what they were- I just know they were covered in sugar, marshmallowy, and heavenly), and who knows what else. Not my finest moment (except for the hair- it does look pretty good).  This all happened at 11, and even though I didn't go to bed til 2 am, it still wasn't a good idea to do that right before bed...(but let's be honest...when is it EVER a good idea to pound peanut butter?, can't think of a good time...maybe if you were starving to death...but is that ever going to happen?)  

I tried to take a few pictures of my hair so you guys could tell me what you think, but the battery in my camera just died so I'll have to post them later.  Day one of the conference...about to commence!  Yayyyy!!! Wish me luck!!!!




  1. My mouth wont stop watering after reading your post.

  2. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your adventures at the conference!

  3. "maybe if you were starving to death...but is that ever going to happen?"

    SO. TRUE!!!!!

    and thank you for the reminder, sweet! ;)

  4. keep us posted. Anxious to see your new hair pics.. xo

  5. stay away from the whipped creamy Peter Pan Peanut butter. It is the devil - but so good.