Friday, May 7, 2010

Frickin Piper

I finally went to Weight Watchers today and weighed in...

*****drum roll please*****

I gained 5 pounds. Ha. I'm not surprised in the least, I was actually surprised it wasn't more.  I'm okay with it because according to my little black weigh in book, it's been a month since my last weigh in (by a day) and I knew I was going to be up anyway.  I can see it everywhere on my body when I look in the mirror.  I feel it everywhere too, esp in my belly and back (SICK).  At least now I know how much it officially was.  Sigh- here we go again...  

I'm still not motivated at all to work out or eat healthy.  I weighed in hoping that would jump start a, it didn't.  I feel like crap- yes, from all of the sugar consumption that has happened over the last two weeks, and yet I continue.  This morning NR made me throw away all of the candy I've been hoarding.  I've had 2 big bags of m&m's, a bag of sour patch gummy's, 2 bags of cheetoh's, pizza, and 2 bean burrito's to eat this week, plus a few bites of chicken salad.  Obviously not the healthiest stuff to eat.  Because of the sugar, I'm able to go long periods without eating again, which is so unhealthy, mind you.  I'm just reminded over and over that my liver has to process all of that junk and because it's all garbage, it takes a long time to sort through it, vs when I eat healthy and my body can just process right through and I'm hungry again in 2 hours.  I am exhausted.  My insides ache.  I have no energy whatsoever.  My TOM is here and it's the worst I've had in months.  Super bad cramps, heavy, achy...the whole song and dance plus some.  NR asked me why I haven't popped any Ibuprofen yet (this is the third day of the most horrible cramps of my life) and I told her cause I'm sadistic- I know it's this bad because of all of the junk I've been inhaling and I feel like I should pay the price- not make my poor little liver pay for it.  My liver pays for everything.  I figured I'd give it a break since it's really not getting a break anyway, it has to process all of that crap. UGH.  She looked at me like I am insane, and I think I might be.  I mean, who doesn't want to work out and eat healthy and feel great all the time?  Who chooses sugar overdoses for 2 weeks straight, plus some and likes to feel like crap every second of every day (this isn't even TOUCHING the guilt that is associated with this food)?

Other than me and my body being at war (we're not on the same side, obvi), everything else is pretty good.  My house is finally coming together and is so cute.  I still don't like my room but I've been making progress in picking out a color to paint the walls.  Part of me just wants to get new bedding seems easier than painting the walls (but yet more expensive).  I have a dresser picked out that i want but am having a hard time pulling the trigger in buying it even though I need it so bad because I'm living out of a plastic box and I hate hate HATE it (was that a run on sentence or WHAT!?).  I'm just reluctant because I have no money and would like to save up a little first.  Whichever comes first I guess...right?  Either I'll go insane and buy the dresser for sanity's sake, or I'll be able to save a little money first...which would then end up going towards something else like a random bill that will pop up, so I still won't buy the dresser (another run on, I'm AWESOME today).  Either one is fine.

Ok friends, I have a headache and need to finish up my work before the weekend.  Plus now that I've officially weighed in, I'm going to have to go back to the gym sometime soon.  The weather is so beautiful today, I wish it was motivating me to go for a run...alas, it is not.

There's the truth, my friends.  The ugly truth.



  1. i admire you, Diz, because in the midst of it all, you still went and stepped on the scale.

    i don't care how much or what you ate, i don't think you should be feeling guilty. it's done. it has no bearing on right now. progress is just a whole bunch of "right nows" stacked up! so start stacking! ;)

  2. My dear Diz,

    Life has been a whirlwind for you lately. Concentrate on one victory at a time.

    1. Wall color

    2. To buy the dresser or not?

    3. New bedding(oooh!)

    4. Working out (drag your new roomie!)

    5. Eat better(because you deserve it!)

    Pick one a week and conquer.


  3. That piper is just cruel, that's all!

    And I'm not sure that ANYONE would feel like working out--or even taking a brisk walk--in the middle of a bad TOM! ugh. groan. curl up in a ball, maybe. But certainly not working out.

    Be nice to yourself. Part of that 5 pounds will go with the flow. :D hahaha

    Have some tea--without sugar--and relax. Try to avoid eating junk and instead eating clean.

    Then hit it hard when Tom leaves town.

    Love you,Diz. You're gonna get this thing--yes, you are. :D


  4. I love you too doll. Im proud of you for running! A journey starts with a single step...and you made one in the right direction. Remember to not let yourself feel overwhelmed...your goals are obtainable and you are worth the effort. Oh, and a few M&Ms are okay. Just not a 2 pound bag :)

    X's and O's!

  5. Hey girl, congrats on going back to WW, that must have been hard to do. I skipped WW this week because I just couldn't face the scale. I'm def going back next week, and trying so hard to get back on plan this week.. . but I just ate a piece of cold pizza and chips for lunch. uh yeah I'm reeeeeally trying so hard here. UGH

  6. You'll get it back girl. And I totally agree with M - one thing at a time.
    Try this blog for inspiration - they do stuff cheap - and beautiful
    Wait a week or 2 and just start collecting pictures that inspire you - and then add to what you have - by adding colors and accents to your current bedroom stuff. A little touch can make a big difference.
    I'm so glad you have a supportive roomie! But I was thinking - sometimes I feel guilty and react adversely to support - just a thought - hope that isn't the case.
    No matter what - keep bloggin - keep in touch - and know your bloggy friends have your back - and we all know you can reach your goals!
    Have an awesome week!

  7. It's so hard to go in and face the scale when you know the news is going to be not so good but it's almost worse not doing it. In the end, you are trying to get back on track and it will come! You do have an awesome roommate - she has great insight and having a weight-loss partner in crime is one of the best things to do!