Sunday, May 9, 2010

The difference...

Ok, I'm STILL not doing better.  The good news is, since I weighed in on Friday, I've worked out twice.  I went for a run with a friend of mine on Friday, we're training for the Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas in October...we're on the same relay team.  His name is Eric (and yes he's cute).  He kicked my TRASH.  Then yesterday NR made me go to the gym with her.  We were on the stairmaster's, pounding out a quick 40 minute cardio session and talking about the month of April (and the failure I perceived it to be) and she said something truly genius, as NR tends to do.  She said, "D, you're looking in the rear view mirror.  But you have to remember, you don't drive by the rear view; you have a whole windshield in front of you that you need to look out of.  How much bigger is the windshield vs the tiny rearview?  If you tried to drive your car by looking only in the rearview, you'd crash and burn your car."  HOW TRUE!!!  Have truer words ever been spoken?  How did I get so lucky to have such a smart roommate?  We talked a lot about self- forgiveness.  I forget that it's one of my struggles.  I think this is part of the reason I'm still struggling right now.

The good news is I signed up to do the Ragnar Relay with some friends, and while I'm SUPER nervous (cause all of my friends are some of the best athletes), I'm excited to have something to push me and motivate me.  It's still 6 months away, and I've done the Ragnar before so I know what to expect (somewhat).  It's a relay race, I believe 194 miles or something (?), and there are 12 people on your team and you basically run 3-5 mile legs 3 times during the race.  Some of the legs are easier than others, so you get a nice range of difficulty levels to run.  It's super fun, and I have time to prepare, so that's good.  The only thing that stinks is that I'm training at ocean level and the race is in LV and some of the points on the race reach as much as 4500 above sea some of us might be strugglin. ;)  My friend Eric suggested we get an air pressure chamber and sleep in it together to get used to the changes in altitude. Guys are so FUNNY!

Ok friends, let's hope this week gets better!



  1. hahaha. Yes...sleep in it adjust to the air pressure...uh-huh. lol. :D

    So glad you're feeling better, fierce girl. :D


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  3. Hi Diz,

    The race does sound like fun! The air chamber could be more fun! Keep your windshield open to new options.

    NR sound like a very good influence. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the new housing situation.

    I hope you had a nice conversation with your mom today. I can only imagine how proud she is of you!

    Big Mother's Day hug from me! OOOOO

  4. Diz! thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. it touched me ever so much. you know i love you to (reese's) pieces, right back! i wanted to say a lot more, but i didn't want to sound like i was dishing out advice, especially advice i need. it's just what you write tends to get me thinking about my own life and life in general.
    anyway, LOVE the windshield analogy. just brilliant. i've never heard it, so now i have to go off and think about it! thank you for your love and your sisterhood.

  5. The windshield metaphor is genius! Im glad you have this race. I know you were struggling with gettin back into the saddle, but I have nothing but the utmost faith in you honey. No more rearview Diz!!!!

  6. Love the windshield! So true. Maybe you and Eric should take a ride to so higher altitudes and take a jog. be a nice get away even for a day. But I doubt sleeping was what he had in mind. At least thats not what we call it here on the east coast. (sorry had to...mind in gutter today). Diz you are amazing and I think if you think of the training as a goal and a challenge it will help you! You can do this Diz aint nothing but yourself stopping you!

  7. wow that sounds so fun! I'd love to go to vegas but I'm sure when I do it won't be for a race.. lol. Glad to hear you're out running again though, that will surely get you motivated.

  8. Boys will suggest anything to sleep anywhere with hotties like you. Chin up Diz - you'll find your stride. You know what to do - now make your mind up and do it. I know you have the strength....cuz I get mine from you.