Friday, May 21, 2010

Pizza and Ice cream Part 2.

I've been thinking a lot today about what happened last night.  Thinking about it over pizza and ice cream- today I had 2 more pieces for breakfast and then a couple of bites of the ice cream.  And then something amazing happened.  I kept thinking about NR...I think she had some tea this morning and that's it.  She usually starts out her mornings with a cup of tea while she reads a little and gets ready to start her day.  While I was munching my cold pizza for breakfast, I kept mulling over how she starts her day.  The pizza suddenly didn't taste good anymore and I tossed the rest of it away- half a freaking pizza!  Same with the ice cream.  Eating it for some reason makes me feel disappointed in myself and sick.  I want so bad to make this work- eating that crap just makes me pissed at myself.

NR is gone all weekend so I'm going to use this opportunity to really focus on being good and working out a lot. She doesn't hinder me in anyway, if anything she motivates me, but I still feel like I do best when I'm focusing on these things alone.  I'm a little nervous because I'm going up to LA tonight to hang out with the old roommate and I know we're going to dinner, and then I have a bridal shower over lunch tomorrow.  Food food food.  When you're trying to avoid it, it seems to come at you from every angle.  When you want it, it's there.  If you don't want it- wait a couple of hours and eventually you'll want it again.

I'd love to elaborate more but I have to get ready to go to LA- hope you all have a fabulous night!




  1. Bridal showers scare me because there's soo much food.

  2. I hope you have a fabulous night. I still am working on social food hells ( baby/bridal showers, dinner with friends ect) Food is unavoidable and that is probally the hardest part. Diz I know you have an amazing amount of strenth in you! I too have started in the last month throwing food away. I still feel bad but I know who is gonna eat it. Not the kids. ME! And if you realy like the pizza freeze single serve slices immediately so you won't eat it and you have to wait a whole 10 minutes for it to cook so you can see if you really want it. That helps me. And if its not freezable then the food is s.o.l and will be meeting with my garbage can. xoxoxoxox

  3. Sounds like a lovely way to start the day and something you could do fairly easily :)

    Eat a little something healthy before you go to the shower tomorrow. That way by the time you get there you won't be famished and less likely to binge out. Have little pieces of the more tempting items so you get to have them but in a very small portion. It helps me to not feel like I missed out and got to taste it know what I mean? Have a good time xoxox and thanks again for the emails. Means a lot!

  4. Does NR eat anything for breakfast? What's in that tea she drinks? If it doesn't make one hungry, maybe we should know about it!

    Enjoy your night out!

  5. good for you throwing all the pizza away!I don't think we need to drink only tea, but maybe not ALL of our calories as soon as we wake up! ( :
    Have a pretty day,