Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today was tough- I'm not going to lie.

All day I was struggling.  For some reason this time around I cannot kick Coke Zero.  I just can't.  Everyday I get up saying I'm not having any soda today, drink my tea, make my plan for the day...and then half way through the day I "just can't do it anymore" and have one.  Or I see one when I go to the vending machine to get a water, and it just looks so delicious that i have to have it.  Or I'm kind of hungry and remember that when I drink one, I can last another hour without eating.  It is driving me insane.  I honestly believe that's why the weight isn't falling off- with all of the hard work I'm doing.  Everything else is on point- and yet I'm cycling and cycling because I can't kick the soda. GRRRRRRR

I was at the gym tonight trying to do some cardio when someone came into the gym I didn't want to see.  Oh hell, here we go I thought to myself.  When she wasn't looking, I snuck off the treadmill and ran right out of the gym- only 27 minutes of cardio done.  On the drive home I just kept thinking, that's not enough.  I didn't eat that bad today- but I absolutely need this week to be a good week, and I had yet another coke zero today.  I knew I had to do at least another 20 minutes of cardio to feel okay about this day.  Minimum.

But what was I going to do?  Street Fair in Huntington is going on tonight so I didn't really want to go to the downtown gym because of traffic...and I also didn't want to run outside because of traffic.  So I did something new- I pulled my car off the road, found the first place I could park it, and just got out right there and started running.  I live downtown but went to a gym that was out of downtown tonight, so I was half way back to downtown.  So it wasn't the same as running downtown; however- I didn't know where I was- I always only drive the one street I know and have never explored this part of Huntington Beach before.  But it was time for an adventure!  Turns out- this random location I found happens to be a secret hidden treasure I knew nothing about.  Golden fields of wheat swayed gently to my right with a deep red sun hanging low just over the wheat fields.  The smell was insane.  The breeze was even more insane.  I was immediately praying prayers of gratitude on my little jog down this random little street.  I followed this little road all the way to the beach, where I reached just in time to catch the most beautiful sunset over the most beautiful ocean.  The waves were rolling in really really slowly and lazily, and the ocean was a gorgeous shade of jade-green.  It was seriously so beautiful.  I stayed there for a few minutes just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the moment I was having and everything that has brought me to this point.  For my body that is healthy and able to run so I can have experiences like this.  For the opportunity I have to live in such a beautiful place, in such a wonderful country where I enjoy all types of freedoms everyday.  For my family and friends, and bloggies that support me and love me and encourage me everyday (yes that's you!!!).  Everything.  EVERYTHING in my life.  I was so happy and so grateful.  This is why I love running.

The jog back to the car was easy- and of course when I left I had to track the distance.  It was exactly 2 miles.  So it gave me another few good moments of cardio (maybe 17 minutes or so?).  Although, when I was driving home I felt so energized and refreshed that I was half-tempted to go out and run some more!

I need to kick the Coke!  Someone remind me of why I hate it!



  1. :) What a lovely post. Isn't God's grace amazing?! Who knew--wheat fields? hahaha. God did! So glad the stress of today didn't keep you from seeing and enjoying that little bit of love from the Father. :D


    P.S. I WILL be doing the challenge. I just threw the idea up on my post while I was mulling it over, but I got enough interested comments to encourage me to do it. YES, there will be a prize. :D I'll write the details on my post--once I have it figured out!--by Thursday. Since you can establish your own goals, you'll be able to reinforce what you're already doing rather than have to add something new. Less stress; more motivation. :)

  2. Diet soda is a thorn in my side too diz. I say i don't want it but i really do. I tried hain g flavored seltzer to give me the diz but there is something about that diet cherry cola that pulls at my salvitory glands. I know it is hard Diz, but why don't you try pouring your self half a serving and emptying the rest so you can still have some and that way you are cutting down and still getting a lil of the naughty stuff

  3. that is so incredible. I love that.
    that was fate, some sort of sign - serendipity - make it happen again.
    big hug!! you are awesome!

  4. This is a lovely, inspiring post.

    If you are totally determined to kick the Zero, how about weaning yourself off it by pouring a half-can over lots of ice to dilute it, and cut back from there? Let the ice melt until it's pale, faded, swamp-water....

    Otherwise, would it be allowed to have it as a treat? Do the chemicals mess up your progress?

  5. Diz - I freaking love this post!! You didn't give up and go home after you left the gym - do you know how awesome that is?!?!

    Thanks for your words the other day. They were just the last little kick I needed to keep going :)

  6. That's also why I love running. You made me compare the difference between outside & inside on my treadmill (it's too muggy/humid to run outside after a certain time of day) & outside I meditate, talk to God, count my blessings, & inside on the treadmill, I stare at the numbers/time etc. & watch trash tv, like the real housewives, which is completely dramatic & negative...hmmmm....guess I should do more running outside & increase the positivety that it usually brings. Trust the process, it takes time. I drank some diet pop (not daily) during my 3 month's on P90X & still was able to lose weight. I know it's not good for the body, but just wanted you to know for me it didn't cancel out all progress. Bring it! ~Gina